How to cure nail fungus of the feet

Nail fungus is a disease that cause the elimination of pathogens. Not only the nail, but close to the skin.

how to cure nail fungus

Where does the fungus

The infection occurs at home by. The contact with the personal items of a patient (shoes, towels, socks) increases the risk of infection. Humid areas (e.g. swimming pools, saunas) are potential sources of contamination. Under the influence of moisture, the particles of the skin on the sides of the patient, and fall on the ground. Therefore, walk in these places, and the bare feet are extremely dangerous.

When visiting potentially dangerous use only your shoes. Rubber flip flops will protect your feet from unwanted contact in saunas and swimming pools.

The factors that contribute to the development of nail fungus are the following:

  • violations of the rules of hygiene;
  • the wearing of poor quality or tight shoes;
  • tendency to perspiration.

Another source of contamination to the last manicure salons which do not comply with the right level of processing of instruments and equipment.

Adults exposed to the infection is much more that of children. This is due to the age group with the change of PH of the skin (the fungus prefers slightly alkaline or neutral environment). There are secondary factors, actively contributing to the development of nail fungus of the feet: decrease of immunity, exacerbation of chronic disease, thyroid dysfunction, GASTRO-intestinal problems, an extension, or an inflammation of the adrenal gland, etc

Most dangerous of the fungi on the feet

In addition to the aesthetic discomfort, nail fungus of the feet complicating accompaniment of chronic diseases (asthma, allergies, and diabetes). Has a high resistance and adaptation to all kinds of treatment. When performing incomplete exchange rate for the treatment of the sharp decline in immunity can come from a small focus of infection to cause a recurrence of the disease. In this case, a repeat course will be much more difficult.

that dangerous fungus

If the fungus is not treated, little by little, it takes not only the whole of the nail, but the skin around it. It is dangerous because the affected areas are the "door" in the body of the man for other infections. Yes, and the fungus during the low immunity can hit the internal organs.

Running forms of the disease are the complete destruction of the nail without being able to recover.

The symptoms

In most cases, nail fungus has pronounced symptoms, noted that a blink of an eye.

Main features:

  1. The color change of the plate. According to the micro-organisms that cause disease, the nail may change color from black to white.
  2. The emergence of itching. Also, patients often tell of the pain and a burning sensation on the skin of the feet.
  3. The terminal phase of the nail growths compacted. This significantly reduces the effectiveness of the treatment and exacerbate complications.
  4. Documented cases of the increase of the temperature of the initial phase of the disease. But because of the absence of clear symptoms of nail fungus at this stage, this symptom is often do not associate yourself with onychomycosis.
  5. The nail plate is fragile.
  6. Perhaps the precipitation of allergic reactions and ulcers.

Quite rare, but there are cases of leak of the disease at a stage without bright signs.

Presentation tools

The modern medicine offers a wide range of drugs against pathogens on the nails. Pharmacy shelves are full of various antimicrobial varnishes, ointments, creams, gels and patch. This group of drugs is easy to apply and has a minimum of contraindications.

In addition to the local treatment of the fungus is carried out in an integrated manner with the application of oral drugs (tablets). This group of drugs has a number of contraindications and side effects. The combination of local and oral therapy gives a higher percentage of the likelihood of a complete cure and absence of recurrence of the disease. But treatment must be carried out under the supervision of a doctor.

A wide range offered by the manufacturers of the drugs due to a number of characteristics of each case (variant of the pathogen, the degree of the lesion, the focal point of the location). One and the same drug of self-designation, patients can give a positive result, and to aggravate the disease, the development of resistance to treatment of the fungus. Therefore, to combat the nail fungus at home must conform strictly to a specialist.

remedies against the fungus

Ways to get rid of yeast infection

One of the ways the most common treatment of nail fungus are anti-fungal varnish. They are used in the initial phase. Some are applied on the infected nail in cosmetics nail varnish. Is used to combat the disease directly on the nail. During an infection adjacent to the nail of the skin, a varnish to get rid of a yeast infection impossible.

Tip: before you choose a drug for the treatment, it is necessary to pass tests, to determine the types of mushrooms. This will help you to choose a active drug compared to a pathogen. This will reduce unnecessary financial malfeasance in the purchase of the wrong drug.

After the framework of a compulsory treatment deliver analyses. Then, you will be sure that this will not happen recurrence of the disease due to a small foyer that is not healed at the end.

The treatment of the fungus of the house — remedies

In our country does not have a disease, which is not try to treat to animals in the material handling or folk remedies. The love of self-medication caused by a low level of health care in the remote areas of the cities of the regions. Trusting their health to "Granny's" recipe of the deaf villages, or to ask a price that is affordable, qualified by the doctor, everyone decides for himself.


Well-known disinfectant. It must be applied on the nails in the morning or in the evening as a varnish. Can be applied on both the infected nail and healthy. But the applicators for nail Polish, in this case to use separate, not to suffer the contagion of the healthy parts. The course of treatment of 20-30 days. Allergy to iodine does not apply. The procedure is different from the availability, ease of use and low cost. With an average and a severe form of cure the illness of one of iodine is impossible.

The board of Iodine-a good prevention tool. Wearing her nails once a week, you can significantly reduce the risk of infection is onychomycosis.


Traditional medicine contains many recipes of nail fungus with the application of garlic. Distributed the recipe of the liqueur to the puree, garlic and alcohol (equal parts) with a little water. Wear garlic on the nail a thin layer. In the application of the ointment easier and more convenient for the dyes. The form of the crushed garlic and the butter. Compresses with ointment on the nail wear all night. It is important to remember that the garlic may cause irritation and burning of the skin, therefore not abuse the application of garlic is not worth it.

The vinegar

With the addition of vinegar make it a spa for the feet. Feet pre-étuvent. In the water add a small amount of vinegar so that the smell was bitter, and the water has a taste only gave the tart. The feet are soaked in a solution, do not touch the bottom of the foot bath. For the procedure, just 15 minutes.

It is important to remember that the abuse of a vinegar solution, and at its high concentration, you may get the stronger burning of the skin, which is already treated exactly the doctor! It is necessary to respect the measures of caution during its use.

The hydrogen peroxide

Known as disinfection remedy for the injury. The hydrogen peroxide is added, such as the vinegar in a small amount into a spa for the feet. The procedure will take 15 minutes. After that, you must wipe the feet dry without rinsing.

folk remedies


The juice of celandine is known for its anti-inflammatory properties and antimicrobial activity, proven for centuries. The infusion prepared from water and leaves of celandine (1:1 ratio). The leaves in the boiling water for an hour. In this solution the feet steamed every 6 hours, 15 minutes. Simple and easy, this method may not be called. Not all of them have the ability to perform a procedure of low interval of time.

With the exception of herbal tea, rub the nails and the fresh fruit juices from the stem of the plant. It is important to remember that the celandine in large quantities — a poison to humans and its application needs to be very careful and no overdose!


Universal delicious and a healthy fruit. The lemon has a whole mass of properties, and in the popular medicine has received its fair place of choice. The treatment of the fungal infection of lemon is not an exception.

Thin slices of lemon are to the nail, turn into cellophane and secure with a bandage. Pass the treatment, as well, for 12 to 14 days. You should try to avoid prolonged contact with the skin.


The product of beekeeping, which are the real beekeepers meet not less honey. For his good and for disinfectant properties use in the treatment of mycosis of the feet. Propolis tincture well filmed and the associated pain sensations of itching, burning sensation). Patients the nails of the use of propolis stand out in a natural way, which contributes to the upgrading of the nail. Propolis tincture is sold in the pharmacy and the price, it will be 20-30 rub.

The prevention of fungal infection of the nail

Even after the complete healing is immune from reinfection. Fully protect against fungi and micro-organisms is simply impossible. For the fungus, to get into the body and on the skin of a person not doing damage to health, it is necessary to strengthen immunity. In the case of a strong immunity, no fungus is not terrible. After the serious disease be particular attention to their health.

Adhere to the personal hygiene, change socks, and do not use foreign shoes. Wear quality footwear and natural materials to keep feet dry.