Mycosis of the feet — picture, of the cream that heal

Mycosis of the feet – a common problem, which affects the feet, the nails, the skin between the fingers. This disease is contagious in nature and is distinguished by its vitality, the ease of distribution. It brings discomfort in walking, but the good news is that the fungus is cured completely. Of course, it will take some effort on the part of the man.

nail fungus reasons

The reasons of the event

The emergence of onychomycosis lead to several types of infections, which differ little from each other.

But for the conduct of an effective treatment should identify correctly the form of the disease:

  1. Squamous gipertroficescoy. The fungus occurs on the soles of the feet and the areas of interdigital. This form is characterized by the appearance of foci of peeling, on the outside, resembling corn or small bubbles, which are gradually converted into scales.
  2. Disgidroticheskaya. Is characterized by the appearance of blisters, the skin in these places is thick, little by little, the defeat is merged into a single focus, starts the suppuration of contents. Under the skin develops to erosion, which leads to the contamination of the body, which expresses the malaise and the increase of the temperature.
  3. Intertriginous. Often affected area between the toes of the feet, cracks and delamination of white, the horny layer of the skin is inflamed, and after the initiation of the inflammation quickly covers the healthy areas of the parties.
  4. Athlete of the nails. Its development is due to wearing uncomfortable shoes. The defeat begins with the edge of the nail, which changes color. The nail comes off, and between the plates progresses, subungual hyperkeratosis, which makes the nail brittle.

Premature treatment of onychomycosis can lead to an acute form of the disease, which is accompanied by an increase in the temperature of the body. Looks like fungus on the feet, you can see on the photo.

The reasons for the appearance of lesions in most cases is the lack of hygiene. The development of the disease the following factors contribute to:

  • Prolonged exposure to a humid environment, the sweat, the presence in the wet shoes;
  • The use of the shoes of the person who is analogous to the defeat;
  • Walking barefoot in public places in the pool, the bath;
  • Use of other objects of hygiene;
  • Shoes of non-natural materials, which causes an increase in sweating;
  • The wounds of the skin of the feet, open wounds, damage;
  • Vascular disease, poor blood circulation of legs;
  • Diabetes mellitus;
  • The GASTRO-intestinal tract;
  • The interruption of the functioning of the thyroid gland;
  • Flat feet, excessive weight, prolonged on the legs;
  • Age, decreased immunity, a state of immunodeficiency.
the symptoms of mycosis

The symptoms and signs

Not to notice the development of this disease is very difficult, he says, from the first moments of the appearance. The symptoms of mycosis of the feet on the picture visible, that is:

  • Redness of the affected area;
  • The beam of the nail beginning from the tip or the foundation;
  • Color change;
  • The swelling and seals.

A person feels discomfort, pain, pressure, itching. Get the bad smell of feet.

Differently from the overt signs to the different fungal defeat. When you select the tool fungus it is necessary to take account of its view, because of many effective tools in the treatment of certain forms of the disease.

Dermatophyte is characterized by yellowing and loss of the nail plate, it has slowly lagged behind the lodge. The yeast variant (candida) is expressed in the color of the nail is yellowish or brown, roll around the nail swells up also up and blushed. The yeast fungus infects the nail, forming the colored dots and spots.

The pathogens of the disease of the nail can move easily on the feet, as seems to be specific for fungus, the symptoms and the treatment on the photo you can see clearly. It is important to notice a problem and solve it in a timely and relevant question, how to get rid of mycosis of the feet. For this, you need to consult a dermatologist.

Fungal infections of the feet: a pound of cure

The treatment of mycosis of the feet is produced in several schemes, can be integrated and systemic approach, the therapy of medicines for external use. The pattern involves the intake of drugs to the inside, which can cause many side effects. The combined therapy is to bring in outdoor installations against fungi and tablets.

The processing means not less efficient, it offers much less side effects. To eliminate the symptoms of the disease of different compositions (ointments, creams) to the outside. An antifungal ointment have a wide variety of actions, in their majority, are available and easy to use.

The treatment of mycosis of the feet at home

home treatment

When the resolution of the problems to treat fungal infections of the feet, is primarily prescribed ointments. In the house of their more easily apply. The duration of treatment of the fungus is usually from 2 weeks to 4 months. The most popular are the following compounds:

Ointment fungus, which is composed of salicylic acid, show excellent results. The treatment of the fungal infection between fingers of feet is done with the help of ointments and zinc. These drugs are approved for use by pregnant women, lactating mothers and children.

The ointments are applied only after cleansing the skin of the feet, steamed in the warm water, carefully dried. The application layer is thin, some of the compositions are rubbed into the skin, the area of the nail and nail plate. Use of ointments and creams must be carefully, avoiding the penetration of funds on the mucous membranes.

At home, you can use the recipes of traditional medicine, but it is understood that the medication you can not do. Launched the fungus is treated much more difficult. Page ointment of the fungus of the feet between the toes is prepared from garlic and butter in equal proportions. Applied it affected two times per day.

You can make bath-based decoction of celandine, veronica, sea salt, compresses of burdock and leaves of mountain ash. Home-based plants increases the effectiveness of basic treatment, the speed of solving the problem. In addition, it contributes to the improvement of the state of the human organism in general.


In a timely manner and the quality of treatment can get rid of the mold in a short time. He will not come back, a good and effective prevention of the disease. It includes the following rules:

  1. The Application of rules of hygiene, care of skin of feet and nails, the application of creams and sprays to the legs.
  2. The use of protection spray for the shoes.
  3. Wear comfortable shoes made from natural materials.
  4. Visit the public places, personal slippers, a towel.
  5. A regular change of socks and tights.
the prevention of mycosis of the feet

After cure of the disease must be carefully treated everything that the fungus affects the basement, bathroom, shoes, inventory. This protects the data of the re-infection and avoid the development of disease in the households.

It should be noted that the treatment product at a time, will get rid of this difficulty. The course is designated by the doctor, it is necessary to pass completely, do not interrupt the treatment.