The treatment and symptoms of the fungal infection of the feet

This disease does not bear a direct threat to the life of man, but may have adverse effects on your health and health in general. For this reason, it is imperative to have an idea of the primary signs, symptoms of the fungal infection of the feet (the feet and nails), and timely take all the measures necessary to eliminate the bad disease stop. Discover what are the clinical manifestations accompanied by one or the other form of the disease.

fungal infections of the feet

What is fungal infections of the feet

Recently fungal of the defeat of the judgment has spread to such an extent, that the transmission may almost every fourth inhabitant of the planet. This sad statistic depends in large part on the decline in the quality of the shoe, of products, that has a direct impact on the condition of the feet. Thus, the increase of the sweating stop, coupled with bad breathable materials your favorite shoes, shoes and other fashion products, to create all the conditions for the reproduction of fungi. Transmitted the disease from person to person. The risk of infection is particularly high among family members of an infected person.

It is important to note that the disease often occurs after the visit of common places: saunas, pools, tanning salons. In addition, approximately 30% of diabetics suffer from fungal of the defeat of the stop. The first signs of nail fungus of the feet in these patients manifested as the evolution of the pathology main. The races of sugar is usually caused a worsening of the fungal infection. The causative agent of the disease to the comfortable feel in the body of immunocompromised individuals, it is therefore very important to monitor its own state and the time to correct any discrepancies.

Looks like fungi on the feet

The symptoms of the disease vary according to the location of the lesions. Because a clear understanding of what it's like athlete's feet, you can still in the early stages of the disease, to take all measures for the destruction of the pathogen. Thus, if amazed the soles of the feet, the heels are found in deep cracks. During infection of the nails (onychomycosis), in the thickness of the plates are visualized with the yellow spots of different sizes, there is hyperkeratosis under the nail bed. Between the fingers loose with particles that have broken off. In this area, and across the foot as a whole, one finds the emergence of a strong itching.

The symptoms of squamous of the form of the mycosis of the feet

With this defeat, stop outbreak is usually localized on the external layers of the skin, in some patients, highlights the proliferation of the nail plate. In addition, expressed the symptoms of athlete's foot flaky nature manifest keratinization of the sole. Last, with the time going on in areas of gross calluses with the continuation of the trend to the onset of deep heel cracks. The first symptoms of the fungal infection of the feet in the form of peeling of the skin, lung redness appearing on one leg, but with time, the infection spreads and to the other member.

Disgidroticheskaya form of the mycosis of the feet

the defeat of the feet of the mushrooms

This diagnosis means that the surface of the foot of the patient, the bubbles will appear. After that the originals of the blisters erupt in their place are formed erosion. The situation is complicated by the fact that in the wound penetrate the bacteria and viruses, which eventually become the cause of the inflammation of the skin. Judging by the photo of the feet of patients suffering from this form of fungal infection, one can understand that the disease is of long duration. In addition to the main signs of the disease are often at the bottom of a secondary infection occurs lymphadenitis, increase of the temperature.

Intertriginosny form

This type of fungus strikes the space between the fingers. Such a form of the disease cracks appear surrounded by scales of the skin. The symptoms of fungal infection of the feet usually develop because of scaly fungus. Thus, the existing cracks are replaced superficial part of the skin in the form of erosions. This form of the infection in most cases acquires a long column. In the stage of the disease and of the accession of a streptococcal infection. The appearance stop leaves something to be desired:

  • formed of the swelling,
  • it is observed that the area of hyperemia (redness of the skin);
  • meet vesicle purulent;
  • you receive an unpleasant odor.

Onychomycosis stop

This disease is characterized by negative changes in nail plate. The process of the disease begins with the appearance of the spots and bands of yellow. In the following, hit the nail thickens, crumbles. The foot when the look is very frustrating. The change in colour of nail plate and hyperkeratosis contribute to the fact that the patient develops a multitude of complex, deal with what you can, but only if the heal fungus. In this regard, it is important to note that the duration and the nature of the course of the therapy depends on the form of onychomycosis, which may be:

  • hypertrophic – involves a change of color of the nail, deformation and thickening;
  • fungal nedersetting – does not develop independently, and only in case of symptoms of concomitant disease nails;
  • atrophic – characterized by a total destruction of the plate.

Fungal of the defeat of the judgment

This form of the disease occurs latent. For this reason, the answer to the question, how to recognize a fungus on the feet, called the yeast organisms, this is not only a specialist. When the first signs of the infection, you should immediately consult a physician. A dermatologist will determine the degree of the injury and explains how to effectively prevent the spread of mildew on the health of the nails. It is important to know that Candida form of yeast infection is manifested by the following symptoms:

  • the hyperthermia of the skin;
  • the presence of a swelling at the site of the lesion;
  • the formation of small ulcers and blisters;
  • the presence of a strong itching.
the diagnosis of mycosis

The first signs of nail fungus

The first symptoms of the infection manifest themselves as a slight change of hue of the nails. By doing this, the patient grows dull or slightly yellowish plaque. Primary symptoms of the fungal infection of the feet is often not to cause anxiety and to be seen by the lack of treatment, pathological process, freely spreading to the healthy parts. In most cases, the infection affects the big toes, but there are cases where onychomycosis affects all fingers of the patient.

White deposit on the feet

This symptom is proof that a person is sick fungal mycosis. Clinical the disease begins with scaling of the skin. Subsequently, the dermis loosens and becomes scales in white flakes, which, dropping out of school is, to create the feet of "the effect of the dust". Something similar can be observed in the elderly, the immunity that unable to resist the spread of infection.

The diagnosis

The external symptoms of athlete's foot are not specific. The pathological changes of the plate or of the foot skin specialists qualify only as a morbid state, the cause. Thus, for the confirmation of your pre-diagnosis, the doctor issues to the patient management on laboratory studies:

  • microsporia;
  • the examination bacteriological;
  • DNA-diagnosis.


In the early stages of the infection the fungal infection justifies the application of external antifungals. It is important to note that over 70 clinical studies have confirmed the high efficacy of medication-based terbinafine. In addition, express the symptoms of the yeast infection, it is recommended to control foam, ointments, and gels. In case of presence of large lesions occurs a systemic therapy, which involves the oral intake of antifungals.

In the last time to get rid of yeast infection has become much easier with the help of medical pedicure. This procedure is carried out by means of a modern equipment in the absolute sterility. The photo of the feet of patients before and after a session of hardware pedicure are very impressive. With all of this, it is often necessary surgery to remove infected sector, that in most cases, is heavy disgidroticheskaya form of injury to the feet. Meanwhile for therapy of less execution of the case of illness, patterns of treatment:

the treatment of mycosis of the feet
  1. Classic – the tablets should be consumed every day during the course.
  2. Short – supplementation ends to the regrowth of a new nail.
  3. The therapy of impulse – the application of the anti-fungal has done with long intervals, significantly higher at the time of treatment.
  4. Intermittent – taking of these drugs is combined with small intervals of rest.

Remember that the therapeutic measures help to completely get rid of the annoying fungus only in the case of the observance of all recommendations of experts on the prevention of fungal of the defeat. In doing so, particular attention should be appropriate to the disinfection of shoes and socks. In addition, it is recommended to carry out preventive courses of anti-fungi foot special means for local applications.