The fungus toe

Athlete – disease when a fungal pathogen infects the toes. Cause the illness of several species of fungi.

The foot-athlete's foot hits the skin folds between the fingers, after which, in favourable conditions starts to move further on the leg, and nails.

the fungus toe

In the group of risk are people with metabolic disorders, diabetes, athletes, and those who the body's defenses reduced for different reasons. Also lot of chances to be infected by the fungus than those who wear shoes with synthetic materials. Often, the fungus on the leg strike of the men to an active position in the.

Catch a fungus toes of the feet may be in contact with a sick person, if enjoy his shoes, a towel, products or personal items. Also the fungus on the toes of the feet may appear after a tour of the public places where bare foot will come in contact with dirty surfaces.

On the foot may hit the causative agent of the disease during the visit of the swimming pool, the sauna, baths, shoes store. Just grab the athlete's foot, for this, need a contact with the infected object. Of course, fungal diseases do not arise for each person.

In the group of risk are people who:

  • suffer flat feet and hyperhidrosis;
  • have on the feet and nails of the damage, thanks to which pathogens penetrate more quickly into the body;
  • do not comply to personal hygiene, do not treat the diaper rash;
  • are not of high quality and tight shoes.

The symptoms of downy mildew on the fingers

There is a fairly strong symptoms of the fungus, which immediately, you can determine the yeast infection. However, you try to heal the fungus toe does not need the medicine the doctor will prescribe you according to the definition of the pathogen sensitivity to the drug.

Initially, the fungus on the finger is manifested by peeling, and then between the fingers to form small bubbles of liquid. The bubbles burst in their place remain painful cracks and wounds.

In the future, the fungus can spread to the nails, that will show as spots on nail plates, their deformation and rupture. Another sign of a fungal infection of the toes will be a bad smell.

Types of mycosis of the feet

When the doctor suspects that the patient's fungus of the toes symptoms may be different, depending on the form of the disease.

Classify fungal infections of the skin of the toes on the sensations of the patient, the area of the lesion and its size.

There are 4 forms:

fungus toenails symptoms
  • be knocked out of the surface. Expressed in peeling the skin, small cracks. In this form of fungus of the skin of fingers feet quickly treated, but if one does not take preventive measures, cured by the fungus can return;
  • intertriginous. Characterized by a swelling between the fingers, in the folds of the skin reddens and becomes wet. Most often affects the intervals between the 3,4 and 5 fingers. The skin exfoliate, appear deep cracks, erosion;
  • scaly. Its symptoms will be itching, flaking and a white crust between the fingers;
  • disgidroticheskaya. Manifesto of the bubble with the liquid on the toes and the foot, itching, inflammation. The bubbles turn into cake moist erosion.

More easy to cure fungus of the fingers, if the time to recover in time. The slightest change-be need to take into consideration, when the suspicion of a fungal infection it is important to consult a dermatologist.

Treatment of fungus of the toes

Before you begin to treat the mycosis of the thumb or fingernails, you must pass a medical examination, to hand over analyses on the identification of the microflora pathogen, its drug sensitivity against mildew.

After this, the doctor will tell you how to cure yeast infection medicines and means of traditional medicine, to recommend a diet, and preventive measures for fungus on the legs of the fingers is not back again.

The house needs to proceed with disinfection of all infected objects before you start the treatment of fungus of the fingers. If you have the opportunity to throw out the textile, the better it is to do this. If you do not have to boil, shipment, deal with all sorts of compositions with disinfectant.

Old slippers need to take. Shoes must be treated by special means, you can put it inside of cotton wool soaked in tea tree oil and leave overnight for shoes in a package.

The fungus on the skin and the thumb can heal about a month. It all depends on the infection is a party deep into the tissues. With small lesions, for example, if only discovered a fungus on the little finger, and nowhere else, just the application of ointments.

In the terminal phase of the fungus treatment on the toes of the feet requires the time, through every 2 weeks, the medicine is necessary to substitute for the causative agent of the disease has not done to ease the immunity. The dermatologist tell me how to get rid of a yeast infection quickly the measures to be taken for the disease has not returned.

A good result gives a solution Burov. It is necessary to moisten with their cotton ball and place the compress on the skin of the thumb or in the skin folds between the fingers, in which is formed the fungus. To heal fungus on the little finger of the leg, the procedure is repeated for 15 minutes every day, until the symptoms persist.

In the case where the manifesto was launched by the fungus on the pads of the fingers of the feet and nails, foot – the doctor will prescribe you the pill inside. It is the forces of systemic drugs that help get rid of the symptoms of the disease. In addition, if the diagnosis of fungus on the toes of the feet, treatment may include immunomodulators, drugs against allergies, and antibacterial drugs, if the fungus on the big toe is accompanied by a bacterial infection.

fungus toe treatment

The popular medicine against fungus of the feet

Before treating the fungus, toe remedies, you should check for allergies to the components listed in the recipe. For this, a little bit of funds that you can wear on the inner elbow, wait and see if the reaction. If no reaction, this means that you can use.

Chief incentive to heal – the desire not to infect his loved ones. Then it should quickly heal the fungal infections of the skin of the thumb, the nails or the foot. On the bottom of the medication prescribed by your doctor, you can apply remedies are able to speed up the process of healing at the time.

A proven method of safe means for the treatment of fungal infection of the steel cooked cleaning of the potatoes. Need to clean the potatoes, clean, rinse and cook. Softened the skin need to stretch their legs in the same water, where it is cooked.

After cooled weight flickers in the basin, to the place of the nationals of the feet for 15 minutes. After the end of the time of the leg rinsed in lukewarm water, dry and lubricated with the fat of pigs. The procedure is repeated every day, until the fungus will not disappear.

Another tested recipe does not cost anything, like the previous one. Applies when the fungus with a finger past the fingernail. Need to take 70% of vinegar, water and flour to knead lightly the dough. Received a ball superimposed on a patient in a nail every day. Later, the time of the nail with the fungus, you can remove them.

In the initial phase of the disease good to help the lemon pieces, attached to the skin affected by the fungus. Their set the band and leave it for 15 to 20 minutes. You can also take a spa for the feet with the decoction of the bark of a poplar. For the preparation of the treatment solution it is necessary to take 100 g of bark and brew in 0.5 liters of water.

Garlic has long been known for its phytoncide properties. To fight against fungi need to mix into a paste 2 cloves of garlic, mix with the sweetness of the butter cream. This ointment is applied on the outbreaks of the disease every day. Already a week later, will be visible explicit improvement, but the rate is necessary to extend to 4 weeks.

The leaves of mountain ash need to grind until mushy consistency and apply over night on the skin in the form of compresses. The procedure is repeated 10 consecutive days, then take a break. On the time of the break use a decoction of chamomile, succession, and violets. The herbs are taken in equal quantities, melt a liter of boiling water. The solution must rest until cooled. Broth of loan used for lotions to be hit by places.

The prevention of fungal infections of the feet

fungus of the toes prevention

The fungus on the fingers is not always processed quickly and simply, sometimes it takes a long time to endure the discomfort. To again face such a disease, it is necessary to observe measures of prevention. The main rule is to choose a shoe produced from natural materials. Even the price of the more expensive shoes will be less expensive than the treatment of the fungal infection and its consequences.

In order to prevent the shoes should be dried, from time to time, treated with vinegar, and deodorizing spray. Socks need to choose from natural materials, to change daily or more often if necessary. Less risk of getting sick by a fungus of those whose feet are dry and clean. Good help to your immunity, you can have, if you set a diet and the mode of the day.

If there are suspicions after visiting the swimming pool or in the sauna, you can rub the feet with lemon juice or take a shower with special shampoo, washing their body. In the public facilities (showers and changing rooms of gyms, swimming pools, saunas) use the rubber slippers and not share it with your friends. In a shoe store for trying on shoes need to use the sockets with socks.

Kill mildew spores to high temperature, the boiling, chlorinated drugs. The bed linen and the clothing of the man, sick with a fungus, must be cleaned separately, after which it should be ironed with an iron or steam.

All surfaces in the house should be regularly treated of disinfectants. Avoid the accumulation of humidity in the room, often airing.