How to get rid of a fungal infection of the feet - the ways of treatment of the nail and the skin

Fungal infections are very common because of its resistance and the easiest way of transmission, we can meet with each fifth of the world's population. In spite of the fact that the fungal infection of the feet is not life threatening, it causes much discomfort and becomes the cause of cosmetic defects, reducing the quality of the life of man. The treatment of the disease takes a lot of time and effort, it is not each drug for the stop is effective, it is important to know how to get rid of athlete's foot at home with the help of folk and medicines.

mycosis of the feet symptoms

What is fungal infections of the feet

A fungal infection called infectious disease which affects the skin and nails of the plate. The medicine is classified this disease into several types, each characterized by specific symptoms and methods of treatment. The pathogen is able to adapt to almost all conditions of the habitat: for a long time, the infection can live on clothes or in the shoe, therefore, to catch a fungus very easily. Generally, fungal defeat discover on foot and nail plates of feet.

How to identify fungal infections of the feet

For the disease the characteristic of the destruction of the skin: the affected area feet are covered by the rough layer, flaking. This is explained by the fact that the infection to penetrate deep under the skin, violates the structure of the epidermis. The symptoms of the fungal infection stop can vary, depending on varieties of the pathogen. The main symptoms of the fungal infection of the feet is:

  • the appearance on the white nails, yellow spots;
  • the small bubbles between the fingers, which later burst, forming open sores;
  • the legs begin to smell unpleasant;
  • certain areas of the feet red, peeling;
  • the nails change shape, become brittle, stratified, crumble;
  • there is increased sweating of the feet;
  • affected by the fungus to the area that itches.

During the detection of the disease symptoms stop, you should immediately consult a doctor, and to follow it at an early stage of development of pathology, then the treatment will be easier and faster. A dermatologist will conduct a visual inspection, and take a scraping of the study under the microscope. After this study, the diagnosis will be confirmed on the basis of which will be picked up by the services of therapeutic measures which help to get rid of the mold.

Rather than treating fungal infections of the feet

From antimycotic treatment is necessary when the first signs of the disease in the form of itching, flaking, redness of the skin. However, even if the fungus can be eliminated with the help of a course of drugs local and systemic action, different therapeutic treatments. The home therapy need in a complex manner, pick up the appropriate medication must dermatologist.

ointments against mildew


Apply the local tools, you can at any stage of the disease, but to cure a fungus that lives in the body for years, only creams, ointments or solutions fail. To completely get rid of inveterate infection, it must be the combination of outside of medications with the tablets, providing the system of the action. For the treatment of the skin of the feet adapted ointments against mildew, for interdigital spaces – solutions, nail fungus is treated with a varnish.

The disadvantage of local funds is their low ability to penetrate into the deeper layers of diseased tissue onychomycosis represent the maximum cut and file away the dead nail. The treatment of mycosis of the feet, you must take into account the fact that the exterior of the medicines lose their effectiveness, which is why doctors recommend a change of medicine. In addition, the active components of ointments, of creams, solutions impact assessment for certain types of infection, it is therefore extremely important to choose the right medicine.

In the framework of the adjuvant treatment launched a fungal infection of the feet of the local medicine necessarily combined with the acquisition of a system of drugs. You lead the fight against a fungal infection with the help of these powerful tools is strictly prohibited. All the means of action systemic have contraindications and may cause the development of adverse reactions on the part of the body, in order to start taking the tablets, you can only on doctor's prescription.


Indication for the use of all the ointments of the fungal infection on the feet is fungus, an infection that occurs due to the transmission-type bacteria Candida. Be infected by a fungus very simple, get rid of the infection appears to be difficult. Any fragrance used in conjunction with other drugs, and as an individual, an average treatment applies only to the first step in the development of the disease.

The cream

The treatment of mycosis of the feet at home that you can perform with the help of the drugs against fungal diseases of the prescription in pharmacies without a prescription. However, the choice of the medium of yourself, because there may not be effective and the fungus will continue to evolve. To quickly eliminate the disease, it is best to trust an expert, who determines the form of the pathogen, and install the stage of the illness. On the basis of these data, the dermatologist will choose the optimal local treatment of the skin.

The pills anti-fungal

Among other means against the fungal infection systemic medications are the most radical and effective for the treatment. Here is a list of some antifungal drugs in the form of tablets. The data of the drugs have side effects and contra-indications, therefore, they are appointed by the doctor, that selects a to the dosage and duration of treatment.

Therapeutic varnishes

One of the most comfortable and environmentally friendly means of treating fungal infections is the application of the cure of the varnish. By such means is advisable to treat the plate, if the fungus beat slightly, to an initial stage of the disease.

folk remedies

Folk remedies

The appearance of the fungus specialists associate with a decrease of immunity, therefore, with the help of tools to get rid of the infection, it is necessary to strengthen the protective properties of the body through the therapy of the vitamin. Apply the anti-fungal, folk remedies for the treatment of the feet that, after a preliminary training. It includes:

  • wash the feet with soap (preferably economic);
  • the adoption of hot baths for the softening of the soles and of nails (in the hot water, it is necessary to add a bit of soap and soda);
  • the purification of the heels, the stop, the nails of the Horny layer with sandpaper, pumice stone (tools, it is desirable to have a disposable or less individual, to prevent infecting other family members).

The treatment of athlete's foot vinegar

To get rid of the disease, it is necessary to make the vinegar foot baths. Their application allows to block the livelihoods of pathogens of the controversy and completely destroy the pathogens. In this regard, the dermatologists recommend bathing with vinegar is not only in hospitals, but also for prevention to avoid the spread of fungal spores. In addition, the vinegar, it should be a weekly treat the inner part of the shoe, after which the keep in the vacuum pack per day. Folk ways of the preparation of baths with vinegar:

  1. Recipe n ° 1. Connect the hot water with vinegar 3:1, add a little potassium permanganate (the liquid needs to buy a pale pink hue). Put your feet in a bowl for 15 minutes, then wipe clean and lubricate the affected by the fungus, the field of the oil of celandine, or tea tree. Repeat the procedure for all days of the night, after which you need to wear warm socks.
  2. Recipe n ° 2. Mix equal amounts of iodine and vinegar (about 1 tablespoon), add in the bowl with 0.5 l of hot water and steam to it, the feet, having them inside the tank for 15 minutes. Then, you must wash the feet under the water and wipe it dry. According to the comments, this is a folk remedy helps to get rid of fungal disease within a period of 2-3 weeks, with the daily of its application.

The garlic juice

This is the simplest and most effective tool against fungus of the feet, which is easy to use. The procedure with the juice of the garlic it is necessary to pass 2-3 times per day until the disappearance of symptoms of the disease. To do this:

  • several zubkov plants free of the skin, rinse;
  • squeeze the garlic juice;
  • in a container, type the hot water, the steam in her feet;
  • after the softening of the skin and rub the fresh fruit juice in the affected area.
fungus of the toes prevention


Get rid of the fungal disease, you can, but it requires a lot of time and effort. To prevent the fungal infection, it is necessary to observe some important rules of courtesy:

  • periodically wash the feet with the help of antiseptics;
  • systematically do a pedicure, during which get rid of Horny skin, ideal for the reproduction of the fungi;
  • use deodorants to reduce sweating of the feet;
  • every day change socks, tights costs;
  • to refuse to wear other shoes, the use of showers accessories;
  • wear loose clothing, comfortable shoes;
  • apply the special safeguard provision of medications to the legs when visiting swimming pools, saunas, and other public places at high risk of contracting the fungal infection.