How to cure fungal infections of the feet: and pharmaceutical remedies

Fungal disease, easy to catch, and here are getting rid of him will be much more difficult. A terminal illness is accompanied by painful sensations and the difficulties in the treatment. To demonstrate the well-maintained feet – an easy enough lesson, but it is important not to contract – in effect, the number of routes of transmission of infection is huge! How to identify and treat fungal infections of the feet? You will know of the article.

fungal infections of the feet

What is this fungus on my legs?

Thrush – a disease caused by parasites, fungal. Most often the disease affects is the feet and the nails. There are a very large number of pathogens are capable of infecting living beings, but few species can infect humans.

The list includes the following fungi:

  • which are transmitted from a sick to a healthy catch the person;
  • that not only targets people, and animals;
  • candida a group of yeast micro-organisms..

Types and symptoms of mycosis of the feet

There are four types of fungal infection of the feet. The symptoms are determined depending on the shape of the moulds.

Interdigital view

The most common problem fungal of nature, which is more easy to recognize. Usually turned on during the warmer months of the year, because of the sweating stop increases – which leads to the reproduction and the rapid growth of micro-organisms, which continue to destroy the piderme.

The infected more often folds between the fingers (usually 4 or 5), but then, the disease moves on the other.

This type of fungus can be drying or wet. When the first form of the skin is first red and irritated, and then heavily flaking. It is detached from the particles. With the time appear cracks which bleed occasionally. Guilty, and the psychological factor – some people think that just by removing all of fall of the particles of the skin, they will clear of the disease. It is only causes complications.

Similarly, through small cracks to penetrate other infectious diseases. If the foreign bacteria will ranok, the athlete's foot will be more difficult to treat.

Crying in the known form of swelling and swelling of the feet. The skin becomes white or greenish, sometimes even demonstrated by the pus. Are present a burning sensation and itching. The fungus on the fingers constantly accompanied by painful sensations, and the action of micro-organisms focuses mainly on the forefoot, while the rear seems to be more healthy.

Flakes of view

If this form of judgment is covered by Horny skin, which continues to peel off. It is about this view, and it has been said "athlete's foot" – glitter go on the finitude of the whole plant of the foot. Often advanced manifest of corn, which causes the amplification of the pain several times.

The fungus is able to pass in the heavy form of onychomycosis. Its first signs:

  • the loss of transparency of the acquisition of blue, green, dark brown or even black (depending on the type of micro-organisms);
  • the deformation of the plate;
  • the nail just starts to crumble.

Onychomycosis treat difficult enough, so that when the first symptoms of the disease, contact your doctor – this will help avoid surgical intervention.

types of mycosis of the feet

Transporter vesicular view

This form of yeast infection is less common. Manifests itself in the form of bubbles filled with a colourless liquid. With time, it becomes cloudy, and the blisters burst open – wounds to bind, agglutinate, formed by the erosion of the skin.

The disease is localized not only on the foot, but on the tibia. Therefore, in the photo you can see huge gray and the spots caused by bubbles that have burst.

Transporter vesicular fungus has a downside – the penetration of bacteria and viruses in the ulcers. This complicates the treatment and the disease becomes more severe – amplified the pain, the temperature of the body increases. The feet are swollen.

Worn out of view

The most difficult commonly diagnosed form of yeast infection. The reason – the discretion of the symptoms. How to manifest worn out of view? Appear small cracks between the fingers of mild redness that it is impossible to recognize the first time at home. The skin looks if sprinkled with flour.

For more symptoms of itching and burning, a little discomfort when walking. This form of mycosis is most often diagnosed that the passage onychomycosis. What is impossible to ignore the disease? Of the deformation of the plate, when the nail start to crumble and fall.

The causes of fungal diseases

As we know, human skin is covered special invisible film, which serves to shield the living. The micro-organisms are activated, proliferate and migrate in depth then, when it is disturbed the layer of protection. So often, doctors recommend to restore immunity to fungus in the party has weakened the impact – then the treatment will be more effective.

It is important! Places where you can get any form of fungus, abound. It is known to all the public swimming pools, steam rooms and saunas. The micro-organisms feel good in such conditions, the humidity, the heat and the foci of infection are rarely cleaned. Judge for yourselves: in the bathroom will constantly wipe the water puddles, but they stagnate – due to the high temperature and heating to a fungus. It hits the tiles, which then become the bare feet.

Beauty can also cause yeast infections. This especially applies to pedicures, but worth the treat and the procedures on the hands. If the tools are not disinfected, there is one hundred percent start to the micro-organisms. The particles of the skin, which has started to peel off on the feet, the patient has a fungal infection, then separated, deposited on the scissors and other items that use for nail care.

In a shoe store, visitors often offer to take advantage of socks, supposedly to protect against fungus of the feet. But it is not excluded that you have already someone to put it in, and it could stay there for the spores of micro-organisms.

The most frequent cases of infection by foreign toiletries – towels, washcloths, manicure tools.

Other factors in the development of the disease:

  • excess sweating of the feet or excessive dryness;
  • flat feet and uncomfortable shoes;
  • injuries, in particular to the nails;
  • of the profession, and that requires a long sitting position to standing position (military, engineers, athletes);
  • in permanent contact with poor-quality detergents;
  • climatic characteristics of the place of residence. In countries at low temperature must isolate and the feet sweat more. It creates a favourable environment for the reproduction of micro-organisms;
  • the pathology of the internal organs – diseases of the gastro-intestinal tract, diabetes mellitus, thyroid diseases, HIV infection;
  • obesity.
the diagnosis of mycosis

The diagnosis of mycosis

Before you start the treatment, you will need to do a laboratory test. The specialist is to scrape the growth of mould, mildew, and examines the signs of the disease. You need to give precise answers to questions about how long since manifested the disease, the symptoms appeared earlier, if someone of your parents have similar problems.

In addition necessary to go through a full diagnosis of the other doctors, to find out if you have a disease of the internal organs. This is important in cases where the doctor time can not identify the cause of the fungal infection. Thus, if attributed to medication of the tool are not effective enough.

The methods of treatment

The treatment of mycosis of the process. Some types of micro-organisms have a resistance to the drugs, because they have developed immunity. Therefore, the experts constantly developing new prototypes of drugs aimed at the destruction of the different forms of the disease.

The impact of the pharmacy drugs don't always work out for the body without pain. The most frequently noticeably reduced immunity, therefore, at the end of the treatment, you must take vitamins, as prescribed by the doctor. This will strengthen the protective functions of the body.

Traditional medicine is only allowed after the ceremony, drug. Make sure you consult with your doctor about the feasibility of the application of this therapy, because it is not just effective method of treatment.

Drug therapy

In the early stages of the fungus, we recommend the use of outdoor facilities. For greater efficiency advanced, it uses a variety of tablets according to statistics, it greatly increases the chances of healing.

Folk remedies

In the treatment of folk remedies athlete's foot which will help the juice of celandine. They can be lubricated old dazzled space. Also recommended to do a foot bath at the base of this plant. The grass of the boil, and then cooled to room temperature. The procedure will help calm the burning sensation, itching, pain. Persists an unpleasant odor. Advanced wipe-infected sites aloe.

Nuts to transform the state of dough. Poultices of it will be effective in curing all kinds of yeast infections. Also, such a measure is useful for prevention. And quickly get rid of yeast infection will help in the decoction of rosehips: twelve procedures, and your feet in the standard. After the bathroom, don't forget to wear simple cotton socks for the night.


Do not walk barefoot in public places where there is a huge build up of humidity – swimming pools, spas, saunas, changing rooms in sports clubs. Even if the premise is own, necessarily take with slippers of micro-organisms remain on the tile, in the case of disinfection.

Once a month, use special spray for the shoes to kill the fungus. To use the tool in two weeks, if you've recently got rid of the fungus.

To maintain immunity, eliminate the consumption of alcohol and more often in the open air. Make a good diet with a registered dietitian. It is recommended to eat vitamin complex after a certain time, after suffering a disease.

Do not wear other people's things and not using a care. This includes manicure tools, towels, and sponges. The opportunity to visit the unaudited beauty institutes is to exclude. Make sure you like the wizard to handle scissors, nail files and other things to your eyes, just before the session of the pedicure.

remedies against mildew

Do not wear uncomfortable shoes, try to ensure that the feet are not sweating and not too dry. If you stop creating the artificial environment for the reproduction of micro-organisms and the spread of the disease.

The fight against the blight of the skin of the feet is not easy, but in no case can not throw the healing process. The infection can pass on the fingers and even capture the area of the nail plate and remove onychomycosis is much more difficult to the ordinary athlete's foot – treatment can take up to 9 to 12 months. Don't forget the usefulness of the compliance with preventive measures, even if the fungus for a long time does not bother you – in case of recidivism often occur.