Looks like and that treat the first stage of the nail fungus of the feet?

Nail fungus – an infectious disease, it is difficult to assign to a treatment. In its advanced form of the disease are subject to a rate semi-annual therapy with a fungicide tablets or to go to surgical removal of the nail plate. After the operation of the layer of the long period of convalescence, and heavy medication irreparable damage to the health. Therefore, without problems and unpleasant consequences get rid of the onychomycosis (also called infectious infection of the nail pathogens), the need to identify at the initial stage and the time to start drug treatment and "soft" drugs.

the first stage of the nail fungus

The symptoms and the stage of the fungal infection of the nail

Cause onychomycosis pathogens or opportunistic fungi:

  • trihofitona – to 90-92% of all infections;
  • candida – less than 10%;
  • mold mushrooms – less than 15%.

Sometimes mixed infection in the analysis on the fungus in a sample of tissue manifests itself in two or three of the pathogen at the time.

The main sign of infection – the modification of the structure of the nail. It is:

  • opaque;
  • thicker;
  • brittle;
  • yellow;
  • uneven, with mounds;
  • striped;
  • pasty;
  • painful to pressure, ignited on the edge.

The symptoms of fungus is not always specific, similar events occur:

  • the trauma of the nail;
  • psoriasis, eczema;
  • the infection of pseudomonas aeruginosa;
  • brittle nails, associated with chronic diseases.

Sometimes looks like a mushroom as a hematoma under the nail, caused by a blow of the finger. Sometimes, he disguises himself as deformation, due to the comfortable shoes. What looks like a nail, the patient fungus, you can see on the photo below.

Often onychomycosis is combined with fungal to the defeat of the skin of the feet. You are experiencing:

  • the cracks between the toes;
  • areas of strong peeling, a peeling of the skin;
  • small bubbles with the liquid content;
  • itching, worsening in the evening;
  • the bad smell of the feet (even in case of observance of rules of personal hygiene).

For an accurate diagnosis, you want to visit a doctor, dermatologist or another specialist. Recognize the mushrooms, beginning to penetrate into nails, you will help to microscopy (in a visible increase of mycelium and spores). Experienced laboratory technician visually can even define the type of fungus.

Specify the type of the pathogen, its drug sensitivity and other characteristics of the pathogenic agent to help with the planting on nutritious medium. The results of the analysis to be married, that is why this type of diagnosis is named very rarely (more often than not, the lack of effect of the therapy).

It is important! Without control of the affected area by a medical professional, and of the laboratory tests difficult to choose the method of treatment. You can run out of time and the mushrooms will destroy all the layers of nail without the possibility of recovery. This is why the use of a doctor as short, economical, and justified the path of the fight against the infection.
the stage of the disease

The stage of the disease

The approach to the establishment of the development phase of onychomycosis by each physician. But all the doctors agree: the important thing is to understand what is the depth of penetration of the infection at the time of the inspection. These data will be structured, the continuation of the therapy.

There are only three stages of the spread of the infection in the layers of keratin of the plate:

  • First step – regional defeat. The changes relate to the free edge of the nail. Visible longitudinal yellow-greyish band, the cracks. The edges of the break, machined. Is not always the person can understand that it is infected. For this, it is necessary to carefully examine the nails, preferably in full light, under a magnifying glass;
  • Normotroficheskie type of injury. Spots, stripes, sites of peeling stretch the entire nail plate, but still a thickening, the tilth. The hue of nail changes on the yellow-greyish. Under him, and when you press can ooze a liquid;
  • Hypertrophic type. The plate is moving away from the edge, becomes loose, and the last step thickens. Pieces of nail to separate from the hands. At this stage of the characteristic onycholysis – destruction of the corneal tissue. The disease came to such a degree, it takes several years is not treated. By the local media here not to deal with it – need to take the tablets and the removal of the nails.

The doctors emit forms of the disease:

  • distal (the contagion extends from the free edge towards the bottom);
  • the calf (the athlete's foot "pushes" on the side);
  • proximal (infection, cut off the base of the nail);
  • total (impressed by all the plate).

At the initial stage, until the damaged nail within a 1/3-1/2 depth, the disease can be cured by local medicines and the means, provided regular, systematic application and the observance of hygiene rules. During this phase, to help the technical professional (laser, hardware pedicure).

The methods of treatment of onychomycosis in the initial phase

The local treatment of mycosis true in some cases:

  • since the onset of the first clinical manifestations it is not elapsed more than one year;
  • not hypertrophy (thickening) of the plate;
  • the place of the loss does not exceed 1/3;
  • previously, the patient has not used anti-fungal ways to get rid of yeast infection at this place (that is to say, the pathogen could not developed immunity).
varnish when the fungus nails

Fungicidal varnish

The varnish with fungicidal properties is used for the prevention of infection of the nails by a fungus:

  • when visiting public places (spas, saunas, swimming pools);
  • during your stay in an apartment with the case;
  • in the presence of factors (labour in the gross shoes, diabetes, varicose veins, and other).

The aid and in the treatment starts with a fungal infection without any signs of hypertrophy. If there are symptoms of infection, on the other hand, you need to use medicinal creams and ointments.

The benefits of varnish:

  • returns the nail aesthetics;
  • creates a solid film, not allowing it to spread to the disputes on the surrounding tissue;
  • a high bioavailability, penetrates deep into the nail;
  • suitable for hands and feet.

The disadvantage of a drug can be called at a high enough price. The bubble is, on average, from 500 to 600 rubles.

At the beginning of therapy varnish wear twice a week. In a month, you can do it once. The course lasts for 4 to 6 months.

Kits for the treatment of nails

For the treatment of onychomycosis produce many outdoor facilities: creams, ointments, solutions, sprays. They help well the skin of the fungus, but themselves poorly penetrate the nails. For the treatment of the infection of the nail damage to the home is better suited for kits that include tools that are unique to the treatment of the plates.

Treatment of the infringement of the nail takes place according to the following scheme:

  1. The nails soften in the hot water;
  2. Scraper remove all, exfoliate;
  3. Gently ointment, without affecting the health of the skin;
  4. Stick the top of the glue.

Repeat it daily before you sleep in a period of 1-2 weeks.

Keratolytic tools

These drugs do not heal, and allow you to remove the part of the nail affected by the fungus. They contain substances which affect the keratin. Therefore, you can painlessly cleanse the diseased tissues. Keratolytic ways to help until the disease is not captured in the matrix of the zone of growth plate. After these useless features – the nail and will push the sick.

Local antiseptic

At a stage of development of the microflora pathogenic much to try to treat onychomycosis local antiseptics. They have bactericidal, fungicidal properties and are capable of destroying the fungus, but only if it is shallow in the structure of the keratin.

treatment of the fungus folk remedies

Folk remedies

Traditional recipes give good results, so full of contamination, and the first signs of the disease. In the future, they can't help, because available home products are not able to penetrate into the nails to a sufficient depth.

Garlic against onychomycosis

A multitude of popular recipes fungus include the composition of the garlic. It destroys the pathogens with a content of volatile substances – production volatile.

For the treatment, you can prepare a tincture:

  • 50 ml of 96 % alcohol;
  • 50 ml of water;
  • 40 g of garlic.

The folds clean, crushed, pour the alcohol in an airtight container. Resist 10-14 days in a dark place, periodically shaking. Strain and squeeze through cheesecloth, plant with water. The infusion of grease it peeled and the nail using the fleecy of the wand before going to bed, until it is completed. The composition may cause irritation of the skin, so it is necessary to act with caution.

Less processing of garlic – an unpleasant smell. A lot more aromatic is a folk remedy – tea tree oil. It is applied on the blob on peeled, steamed fingernails thoroughly rubbed 1 to 2 minutes, tops wear cotton socks. The procedure is repeated every day before sleeping for two weeks.

Acetic essence

One of the oldest recipes, which has been practised since the beginning of the TWENTIETH century, an egg with essences. Costs (best rustic chicken) the product is poured into the glass with a capacity of 70% of vinegar. The ability must be a small place (the glass, for example), for the acid of all the sides coated with an egg, but not too much.

After 3-4 days, the vinegar coalesce, and the rest of the stuff whipped with the liquid (the film at this away). Then, in the capacity add the soft butter and mix until the consistency of ointment. Ready to composition stored in the refrigerator.

Drugs make compresses on the night. Applied on the nails or the skin, close to the polyethylene, from top to put warm socks. In the morning the feet washed thoroughly with soap.

nail fungus propolis


Allows you to display starting nail fungus on the feet of propolis:

  • The tincture. A piece produced insists on alcohol for 7 days. Finished the solution it is necessary to moisten a cotton pad, attach to the treaty in the nail until dry. The procedure is repeated every day;
  • The propolis in the solid form (with wax) to soften, a piece of bind, clean the nail black of the night.