The fungus of the skin of the feet: the photo and the treatment

The fungus is one of the most common types of fungal infection of man. In medical practice, there are several types of this disease. It is important in the early stages of development of the awareness of this disease. The photo illustration of this pathological process will explore and identify this disease.

the fungus of the skin of the feet

Looks like fungus on the feet, photo

Fungal infection of the feet is one of the most common varieties of athlete's foot, touching the body of the man, unfortunately, all people don't know what it's like fungus on the feet. Infected people do not attach importance to the symptoms that occur during the development of a fungal infection, which promotes the multiplication of the pathogens follow-up of the infection of the other.

Visually examine the fungi on the feet, the photos of the different stages of the defeat in the best way. It is to be noted that each type of pathology are inherent to the typical symptoms of the manifestation of the fungal infection.

  • The initial stage of the disease is manifested by a redness of the affected area of the skin of the foot, swelling, and the presence of small cracks.
  • The average phase. The upper layers of the skin on the foot thoroughly, flaking, and covered with white spots to the depth of color in shades of red.
  • To a higher level. We observe the destruction of the integrity of the nail plate, its tarnish and the color change from yellow to black. The upper layers of the skin separate from the surface of the foot of the great layers, leaving bare internal deep crevasses.

Fungus toe, photo

Athlete stop is a defeat by a fungus of the epidermis in the space between the fingers. A fungal infection of the skin of the fingers is transmitted by skin contact or the sharing of personal items of the sick person. You can get when visiting public places, such as sauna, shower, swimming pool.

The symptoms of the disease:

  • The destruction of the integrity of the epidermis, leading to its desquamation.
  • The presence of small bubbles in the space between the fingers.
  • Mushroom stop, and it is the defeat of the fingers characterises the change of color of the plate.
  • The presence of a particular smell.

In medical practice are distinguished four main forms of athlete measurement of the progress of the disease:

  • Sweet.
  • Scaly.
  • Intertriginous.
  • Disgidroticheskaya.

The fungal infection of the toes can be induced by different types of pathogens, which determines the mode of its therapy. Mycosis of the feet, the treatment must be comprehensive, is diagnosed only in laboratory conditions. Therefore, in the event of any of the symptoms of mildew on the fingers is not worth it to self-give medications. The therapy is exclusively assigned by the physician, taking into account pathology, as well as the determination of the type of the pathogen.

types of fungal infection of the skin of the feet

Fungus on legs symptoms

The presence of the surface of the peeling parts of the skin of the feet reflects the presence of fungal infection of the initial phase. Often, the cholera first develops in the area of the fingers in the space between the fingers.

Then, begin to form small cracks slight redness of the skin. This is the fungal infection of the feet, the symptoms and the treatment that is defined by the view of the pathogen. Which in turn leads to the continuation of the progression of the pathology.

The form of the defeat, accompanied by swelling of the skin of the feet, increasing the expression of the skin of the image, increases the exfoliation of the sole and the folds between the fingers. A sensation of itching. During the evolution of the disease begins with the defeat of the nail plate, which is manifested in the change of colors and shapes. It is important to detect fungal infections of the feet. The symptoms and the photos are at the basis of the visual information on the flow of the disease. This information often leads to self-therapy, scaly form of fungus. But this approach can be inefficient, as well as the neutralization of fungal infections require necessarily the intervention of highly qualified medicine.

The form of the defeat of the hands and feet is characterized by the manifestation of the coming of the symptomatology. Appears dry and skin rash blue-red, flaking plates. Following the rash becomes thickened and covered with scales of gray, the result of the eruption fits into a focus of inflammation on the foot. There are sensations of pain at the slightest contact with a hit of a parcel of feet, itching and a putrid smell.

Intertriginous form. It is important to identify this fungus of the foot, the symptoms of which are manifested the following: the process of soaking, swelling, deep, erosions, fissures, which were clearly dedicated to the border. The pain of contact of the skin of the foot is quite intense, and the development of the disease is accompanied by an unpleasant odor.

Disgidroticheskaya form characterized by the presence of deposits of bubbles on the entire surface of the feet and fingers. When the rolls of the slaughter of the bubbles we observe the erosion of a bright red. After drying on the foot formed flaky spots, on the occasion release of serous secret.

The symptoms and treatment of fungal infections of the feet is a specialization of a dermatologist. To establish a precise diagnosis will not only help you to visual symptoms of the disease, but the laboratory results. On the basis of which is chosen individually, the services of the therapy.

That cure mycosis of the feet

The effectiveness of the treatment of mycosis of the foot depends on the correct diagnosis of the disease, and to determine the type of pathogenic fungus, which has infected the judgment.

It is to be noted that the treatment of a fungal infection must be complete and include a number of different drugs of the pharmacological action.

Before the application of drugs to local destination, it is recommended to remove the phenomenon of keratinization, and to relieve inflammation.

So that cure mycosis of the feet of the feet, in order to block the development of the disease at the initial stage and not to prevent the manifestation of the recurrence in the future?

the fungus of the skin of the feet treatment
  • The course of the outside of the therapy using ointments, spray, varnish, and creams of all kinds of yeast infections.
  • The course of medication against mildew.
  • In the case of an express of the itching and the overall presence of awareness apply to the antihistamines, sedative medications of the impact on the body.
  • The essential condition to strengthen the protective functions of the body is the supplementation in vitamins and mineral complexes.
  • In the presence of concomitant bacterial infection of the organism is assigned to a class of antibacterial agents.

The role of certain drugs must practise only dermatologist given the overall picture of the disease. When the definition of the therapy takes into account the age of the patient, the degree of injury of the foot and the sight of the pathogen of the fungal infection.

Many scientists of the medical literature shows what looks like cholera.

Effective remedies

Cure fungus homes, by visiting the doctor and not to yield analyses, you can. Well, it takes a serious effort and the expenditure in time. In addition, you need to understand that different organizations may have different ways to react to the method of the struggle with them. In some cases, the animals of funds contribute to the localization of the fungus.

Home remedies for the fungus

The success of the treatment of folk remedies is the combination of a good skin purification, destruction of pathogens, and recovery of the epidermis. For the cleaning and disinfection of the skin, we recommend that you do the cups and several times a day to clean the feet and the palms of the antiseptic means.


In the list of medicines for bathrooms include:

  • The boric acid;
  • Apple cider vinegar;
  • The peroxide of hydrogen.

1 litre of boiled water is taken 20 grams of a selected component. In this solution the feet are from 20 to 40 minutes. Repeat the bath every day.

To get rid of the itching and slow down the speed of development of the spores, you need to wipe the feet with a mixture of baking soda and salt. For the firing of anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory in the maquis, it is necessary to take equal to the quantity of minerals and of any antibacterial essential oil (celandine, tea tree, sage). The components are interconnected, after which the mass are treated areas between the toes, the heels, the feet, the palms of the hands.

Salt bicarbonate and fungus

Of all fungal infections of the allows tar soap. It is composed of birch tar, which has strong antibacterial properties and anti-inflammatory. The most simple way, how to get rid of fungus: treat the affected area with soap and leave to rest for 5 minutes. After you wash and moisturize the surface of the cream to the skin or the ointment base of zinc. A 14-day treatment.

Tar soap

A good way of removing flexible with the skin of the feet, compresses with oil and garlic. Need to mix the components in equal parts, and cause the mass of the infected part of the body. To ensure that the mixture does not flow on the clothes, the feet advanced, covered by the polyethylene. The best is to make a mask for the night. The duration of the course until the complete disappearance of symptoms.

The oil with the garlic in a mushroom

Cure fungus stop, hands and nails help ordinary sour cream. It contains lactic acid, which cautérise the mycelium. You should just spread it on the skin and leave until complete absorption. It is important to provide a compress reliable fixation, it is suitable for socks and a plastic bag. This method can be used in diabetes, pregnancy and the presence of cracks on the heels, it is absolutely safe.

the treatment of mycosis

Tips, how to speed up the treatment of the fungus and to prevent the continuation of its appearance:

  • In the process of treatment should be carried out in the disinfection of shoes, otherwise the mycelium will continue to live on its inner surface. To do this, absolutely all of the clothes are dealt with antibacterial drugs;
  • Necessarily aged regime with a minimum of sugar;
  • Preferably, in the process of treatment to exclude nail Polish. Instead, it is better to wear a simple iodine – this will strengthen the nails and prevent the appearance of onychomycosis;
  • As soon as the first signs of a yeast infection you need to speak to a specialist. You determine the bacterium, which caused the athlete's foot and destroy unlikely to succeed. The diagnosis is made only after the study of scrapings of tissue under a microscope and the opacity of ultraviolet radiation. The plot, baths, and other traditional methods – this is a good way, but it's much more effective to follow the recommendations of your doctor.

Equipment for processing of mushrooms

The comments say that even the most effective drugs against the fungal infection of the feet can not guarantee the effective treatment. In some cases, the mycelium is growing so rapidly that the drugs destroy it is impossible. In such cases, the specialists call laser correction.

Fungus treatment laser

Erbium-doped laser cautérise mycelium and eliminates the visible symptoms of nail fungus. But you can treat not only the plate, but the skin around them, between the fingers and feet. The action is based on the creation of aggressive conditions for the life of the fungus. After you have completed the laser treatment, the doctor will give a medication. It can be compressed or external medicines.


Of course, it is better to prevent the fungus that long time to deal with its consequences.

How to protect against mildew:

  • Prior to each visit to the swimming pool, the sauna, the gym or any other place where the need to remove their shoes, it is important to treat the skin of the feet of a protective cream.
  • When the first signs of a yeast infection (itching, redness, peeling), it is necessary to thoroughly coat the feet of the ointment. It has an antibacterial effect and moisturize the skin;
  • To enhance the skin and the software of local immunity, which is adapted from the recipe of the mixture for the prevention on the base of the arc. A light bulb is mashed with two tablespoons of honey. The paste thus obtained is applied on the skin of the feet and palms of the hands. It is desirable to resist to a mask for 30 minutes. Repeat every day;
  • Treat regularly the shoes, if possible, wash and dry the fresh air. You do not need to use the special arrangements. Most of the products, you can wipe the interior with alcohol or other antibacterial solutions.
the fungus of the skin of the feet prevention

The photo looks like a fungus of the foot

In all cases, the initial examination of the feet is made independently. In order not to confuse the fungus with possible mechanical damage of the foot, we recommend you study the photos of fungal infections.

Only the fungus will not pass, therefore, when the slightest symptoms, seek the assistance of a specialist. Outside of that, don't forget to apply the measures of prevention after the visits in public places and the wearing of shoes.