The treatment of nail fungus of the feet

Fungal infections of the disease of human origin, it is the cause of their disease-causing fungi. The infection is usually hit certain areas of the skin and nails. Wikipedia indicates that diseases affect the human because of the infection contact-violence in the middle, if the hygiene rules are not respected.

nail fungus of the feet

Generally, onychomycosis — a fungal infection of the nails of the feet and hands, striking the nail, develops as a consequence of the general use of household items and shoes in the family.

Also the lesions fungal easily develop due to infection in public places, where it is said to high temperature, high humidity and a high probability of skin contact of the feet with open surfaces. This sauna, swimming pool, gym, etc that you receive the fungus, it depends on the exposure to other factors described below.

There are a lot of ways, such as to defeat this disease, but it is necessary to take into consideration that the treatment of the fungal infection of the skin to the nails and lasts long enough. However, the medicines and effectively, to help you mushroom, sold in pharmacies in a wide range of products. In addition, you can buy various types of drugs: creams, sprays, ointments, as well as funds against mildew. When their application must be strictly adhered to, the instruction, as well as those who have given the doctor.

With the right approach, you can heal even old, launched the fungus. But for this, it is necessary to determine the infection and apply the schema correct therapy for onychomycosis.

How to determine that on the nail fungus appeared?

It is important to know what is this fungus, and how to determine what this disease has hit the nail. Before determining how to clean these lesions and the way to fight against fungus on the nails and on the fingers, it is necessary to confirm the diagnosis. Is it possible to heal the traditional methods of the disease, should determine the specialist.

The symptoms of nail fungus of the hands and feet develop gradually, however, the early signs capable in the opinion of each person. These symptoms should be a warning when, as in the adult and in the child. It is important to pay attention to these signs:

  • the nail plate changes the color: the nails become yellow, grey, green, black, white;
  • the sick, the nail start to crumble;
  • the plate seems thin;
  • itching of the skin near the nail;
  • badly affected.

These symptoms must alert. Knowing that starts the disease, the person may quickly start to fight the disease. For a good example, you can consider the picture.

In the process of evolution of the disease at the great defeat underlines keratinization of the nail, appear to be expressed sealing, and thus the effectiveness of the treatment decreases.

Nail fungus, photo

the nail fungus of the feet

Mainly the mycosis of the nails is manifested in the adult, in children, these lesions are rare. Before starting the fungus treatment, it is desirable to determine the cause of the disease. How to heal, this depends on the degree of nail damage.

The causes of fungal diseases of all tissues and organs develop when strong decrease of immunity, is the development of chronic disease, marks a change in the ph of the skin and nails, age-related.

There are a number of risk factors for fungal infection:

  • disorders of the metabolism;
  • obesity;
  • the GASTRO-intestinal tract;
  • diabetes mellitus;
  • disease of the adrenal glands and the thyroid;
  • disturbed blood circulation in the extremities.

Even if the defeat of the nail plate has led to the withdrawal of the nail, subject to the reduction of immunity, as well as in the presence of a number of other conditions conducive to the onset of the fungal infection, there are chances of development of the re-use of the inflammation from a small home, staying unnoticed underneath the nail or in other places.

That is why, it is important to maintain the treatment for the consequences of recidivism does not occur in the future. Not less important, and the prevention, what it is necessary to pay special attention to the hygiene rules and monitor the event of recidivism in the future.

The treatment of nail fungus

There are different ways to treat fungus nail. However, in order to ensure the most effective treatment, the drug treatment must appoint a physician after a diagnosis.

The important factors that must necessarily take account of the specialist:

  • how a large area of defeat;
  • how long is the disease;
  • the nature and characteristics of pathological changes;
  • is there an attendant in the disease pathology.

At the present time, the pharmaceutical industry offers a variety of drugs. The comments of patients indicate that they provide an effective treatment. It is different drugs such as local, as well as the overall impact:

  • creams;
  • ointments;
  • tablet;
  • lacquers;
  • patches.

In spite of this, decide cure the fungus is not worth it, in fact, this disease always has individual characteristics.

These tips, which can accommodate any forum specialized (treatment to soda and other folk remedies), can be not only ineffective, but also dangerous. It is therefore important to know what doctor treats nail fungus, close to the clinic and take advantage of its recommendations, such as to quickly cure this disease. Must clearly be met is assigned the schema.

The treatment of nail fungus of the feet has to be comprehensive. In determining how to treat the nail fungus of the feet, it should be noted that the drugs, which now apply to this purpose is not simply destroy pathogens, thereby ensuring that the treatment of the fungal infection of the toenail on the big toe and other toes, but can accumulate in the nails over a period of time. As a result, reduces the duration of the therapy. What is the price of these tools, you can find at the pharmacy.

The doctor who determines that cure nail fungus of the feet, may designate a schema, which ensures the healing of the fungal infection of the nails of toes 2 to 4 months. In addition, the comments indicate that cure, you can even launched a fungus. It is better to practice once and the local treatment and the receipt of the CV.

The same approach and the treatment of nail fungus. Details for how to cure nail fungus on hands quickly, he is a specialist after a full examination.

nail fungus picture

Fungus of the nails on the photo

However, those who practice the treatment of the nail fungus that is running the form, which requires a longer time, the use of different tools, it should be noted that the drugs such as local, and those that are applied by the oral route, and cause the development of a large number of side effects and have a lot of contraindications. Therefore, the comments in the treatment of fungal infection of the toenail in the advanced countries show that the most efficient approach to such treatment may be under the permanent control of a specialist.

The treatment of fungal infections of the toenails varnish

If the disease is not started, you can apply the remedies of local action the – lake, the solution with the influence.

The use of such means, generally long-term. To restore the nails, you can use a tool on a regular basis. Some of the tools are applied twice a week for 6 to 12 months. Animals lining the top of the nail manicure and varnish.

The tools of nail fungus

Patients that are diagnosed with this disease, often ask questions on how the most effective against the nail fungus of the feet, looking for the best remedy against the nail fungus. But all the same these drugs for the treatment of nail fungus of the feet, of the criticisms which are often on niche sites, may not be suitable for every person the same way. Even if we write the comments, actively recommending new cheap tool, cheap chinese, or from another manufacturer, the decisive factor should not be the price or the advertising.

A list of drugs that are included in the treatment complex, it is necessary to agree on a physician, who has spent the individual to the survey. All the more should agree to a treatment regimen, applying a new drug is effective against the nail fungus. Depending on the characteristics of the disease, the treatment may be:

  • local;
  • system;
  • combined.

Pills nail fungus

If too active, the development of the disease and the wide area of the defeat of doctor prescribed receiving a system anti-fungal.

There are a very large number of these tools, and in addition, the price of pills of the nail fungus on the feet is very variable. But the comments confirm that these funds there are many counter-indications, and when receiving the manifestation of side effects (can suffer from the skin, distortion of the function of internal organs and others) is Also possible incompatibility of these pills with several of the drugs.

Other means for the treatment of fungal diseases

If the nails become yellow, the plate crumbles, with the spirit of the nail bad, unpleasant odor, stains, and scaling can appear between the fingers, then it is necessary to take measures for the treatment.

In addition to these tools, there are others, such as folk, "and " pharmaceutical" methods. In the institutions practiced also the treatment of the fungus with the laser.

the oil for the nails on the feet

The natural oils

The first manifestations of mold, you can try to eradicate with the help of lavender oil and tea tree oil. You must mix equal parts of these oils and the olive oil, after which lubricate the affected part in the night. It is a tool effective in the initial phases, for example, if having regard to the yellow of the nail on the big toe, on the small finger et al.


Prepare the bath, you can from these components: rinse the mouth, the lemon (lemon juice), cider vinegar. You must add to your foot bath for these components and visibility in it, the feet of 15 minutes.

Also practiced soda baths with the addition of soap: dissolve a tablespoon of baking soda and 20 g of the soap of marseille in warm water and visibility in the basin of the legs of approximately 40 minutes.

Bathroom can also be used potassium permanganate, but potassium permanganate need to divorce for that the water was light pink.

You can use it for bathing sea, or the salt plain: for this purpose, mix 100 g of salt, 4 tablespoons of vinegar and 4 liters of water.

Effective bath of vinegar: 8 litres of lukewarm water 250 g of vinegar.

Prepare for the bath of 3% solution of hydrogen peroxide, it is necessary to keep the feet for 2 minutes. After the bath nails it is necessary to grease a slurry of peroxide and water.

Treatment of folk remedies

To remove the symptoms in addition to helping and treatment of folk remedies. However, there is no guarantee that even the best folk remedy to cure fungus medication. But it will help you improve the process of treatment, if the practice of such methods in the complex.

  • Widely practiced treatment celandine, what is the purpose of the sap of the plant or oil. The tool is applied on the nails for a few hours. Regular application of dead layers gradually vanish, under the nail patient signs of growth of the new.
  • Also the fungus deal with the garlic, putting out thin on the plate.
  • Popular treatment kombucha fungus by rubbing and the overlay compresses on the affected part.
  • Practiced and the treatment of the iodine, what iodine treat nails and the skin around them.
  • Is performed, and the processing of propolis, as well as other apicultural products, which improves the condition of the patient.
  • Used for the treatment of vinegar: before bed, you need to deal with apple or vinegar ordinary dead nails, put natural socks.
  • You can make a poultice of lemon: chop the lemon, mix the paste with vegetable oil and apply on the nail, covering it with parchment and slip into the sock. The compresses are the night.

What aids you can use and how to do it, you are the specialist.

Prevention of fungal diseases of the nails

One of the most effective ways, including the "fear" of a mushroom, it is the quality of the prevention.

the prevention of nail fungus

  • It is very important to maintain the normal function of the immune system, which is based on the proper diet (minimum of alcohol and coffee, up to a maximum of vegetables, protein) physical activity. In a body of the infection spreads very quickly.
  • He should know and strictly observe the rules of personal hygiene. Those that do, greatly reduce the risk of infection. It is not necessary to explain why you can't wear the shoes of someone else, use the tools of personal hygiene.
  • Also you can not walk barefoot in pools, saunas, baths, on the beach.
  • You must wipe the feet after the shower.
  • It is important to know how to disinfect the place where, theoretically, may be a fungus. In the absence of the means against the mildew can apply ordinary white.

Remember that the manifestation of the mycosis of nails is always much easier to prevent than to get rid of this nasty disease.