That cure fungal infections between the toes

The fungus or a fungal infection can affect any part of the human body. Individual of the discomfort it causes between the toes.

the fungus between the fingers of reasons

The statistics show that the fungi between the toes to a dermatologist handles all the 5 inhabitant of Russia. The disease is due to excessive sweating and wearing uncomfortable or bad quality footwear.

Why between the toes of the feet, you get a mushroom

The fungus is transmitted during the intimacy with the vector of the pathogen, when the use of non-sterile manicure accessories, strangers to personal hygiene, and lingerie. Most often the fungus clings to the feet in swimming pools, baths, sports halls. Soon, a fungus contracted by people with weakened immune systems.

Athlete's foot can also appear after you shoeless man to do the tour on the bare soil or herbaceous vegetation of the surface. The causative agents of the disease not only live in wet conditions, but outdoors. Therefore, the walks without shoes can be dangerous.

Other factors and causes for the development of the fungus between the toes:

  • The hypovitaminosis.
  • Dysbiosis.
  • Diabetes mellitus.
  • The varicose veins.
  • The prolonged use of antibiotics.
  • The presence on the feet ranok, ulcers, abscesses.
  • Pathology of the lymphatic vessels.
  • Local hypothermia.
  • The excessive sweating of the extremities, which supports a moist environment which is hot in the interdigital area.
  • Pregnancy and immunodeficience, when the natural defense of the body weakens.
  • The wearing of tight shoes, conic section models, and hand-sewn from synthetic materials.
  • The prolonged stay in the position "standing" (results in the tightening of the soft tissues of the foot and the deterioration of blood circulation).

The fungus in the interdigital folds causes the activity of dermatophytes, molds and yeast strains. Infection of the skin occurs at the time of entering the body of viable spores. In favourable conditions, in the body of the man of the fungi germinate in the intercellular epidermis and give the surface of the dermis.

Looks like fungal infections between the toes

In the initial phase of the fungus can occur without clear symptoms. The patient does not pay attention to the itch, and other sensations in the early stages lack. This leads to a rapid development of the pathogen, which begins to ruin the skin of the feet, the area between the fingers and the nails.

In the following infected by a fungus, the man may observe these symptoms:

  1. Seals on the outsole.
  2. The strengthening of the sweating of the feet.
  3. S militarist itching and soreness between the toes.
  4. The flaking and cracking of the area between the fingers.
  5. Yellow or grey spots of large size, the surface of which increases without timely treatment.
  6. Changing the appearance of the nails. When the onychomycosis and athlete's foot feet they exfoliate, distort, cover themselves with coloured stains and scratches.

If the fungus has spread to of the nail plate, completely get rid of it will only succeed through the 9 – 12 months.

To stop the multiplication of the pathogen, it is necessary to consult a dermatologist if you have the first signs of defeat. Running a form of fungus apply to interdigital sites of the feet and nails to other areas of the body and extend the fight against the infection by the time.

types of fungus between the fingers

The fungus between the toes of the feet may be of three forms:

  • Scaly. Characterized by swelling and scaling of the skin, the limb whitish scales and the expression of the skin of the image in hit the place. The land on which they erected the bacteria fungal, is brilliant. The nails are deformed.
  • A hyperkeratosis. The symptoms of this form of fungus on the feet are red and blue of the precipitation in the area between the fingers and on the skin of the fingers, climbing and thickening of the scales, which by the following, the change of colour from white to grey-brown. The eruption is "diluted" liquid buttons. The homes blend together and it on the entire surface of the foot.
  • Intertriginous. At this stage, the fungus is manifested by a swelling, inflammation and redness of the skin. Problem of the surface, dehiscent, flaking, there is formed a deep erosion.

The drug treatment of the fungal infection between fingers of feet

The diagnosis and treatment of the fungal infection between fingers of feet are dermatologists, infectious disease. If the diagnosis has been confirmed, the patient should get rid of the old sponges, and slippers, shoes street disinfected with lemon juice, or a special medicine, pre-removing the sole. Disinfect shoes for prophylactic purposes, you must once per week.

With the initials of the forms of the mycosis of the foot between the toes during a regular treatment, you can deal with it for 1 month. To do this, simply apply the ointment for a fungal infection between the toes of the feet with the contents of miconazole and other substances.

An antifungal ointment to eliminate the pathogenic agent of the disease and the symptoms external. Outside of the means used during the whole treatment period. To consolidate the results and secondary prevention of the infection, it is recommended to use 10 to 14 days after the healing.

For the treatment of fungal infection between the toes of the feet using the outdoor antifungals spent as effectively as possible, the dermatologists recommend to prepare the affected areas of the body to the procedure. The preparation consists in that the feet amounted to 15 minutes in a little warm soapy.

Cook it in a ratio of 2 tablespoons of shavings of soap into 2 liters of water.

After the foot bath wipe disposable cloth and a thin layer of rubbed ointment dry from the skin to the steam. The treatment occur on any of the places affected and healthy areas where explicit symptoms of the fungus are lacking.

Pills antifungal patient is prescribed when moderate or serious fungal infections, including with the defeat of the nails. The aim of the therapy – chenot at the system level.

When the itching and the common awareness of the patients to prescribe antihistamines and sedatives. The general immunity of the body increases multivitamin complex. Secondary bacterial infection from the antibiotics and sulfonamides.

remedies against mildew

Remedies against the fungal infection of the feet between the toes

If there is no possibility to see a doctor, and at hand is not appropriate medications, the patient will be useful to know that to cure fungal infections between the toes, the acolytes of the substance and products tailored to this purpose.

  1. Effectively remove the fungus helps the egg and the vinegar. Chicken egg with the shell fill in acetic essence (75 %). The bank, suffering in a dark room and await the dissolution of the shell. From the resulting mass put on the film and it dilutes the mixture of 1 tablespoon of butter. The mass is well mixed and insist 1 day. For the treatment of fungal infection of the eggs, and acetic ointment use 2 times a day for 1 week.
  2. The second means of home treatment of the fungus between the toes is that it is necessary to mix ammonia and water (1 tablespoon x 200 ml). The solution to moisten thoroughly with a piece of soft cloth and it is wrapped around the foot, affected by a fungus. Member advanced wrap up with polyethylene and put on socks. The compresses do before going to bed. Only need to spend 8 – 10 procedures.
  3. In the treatment of fungal infection between the toes of the feet of the means of the recipe with freshly ground coffee. In 1 liter of hot water dissolve 5 c. l. of coffee. While the volume of the beverage flowing in the basin and hanging the feet of a half-hour. Do not wipe members, are x/b socks and go to sleep. On the morning of the walk to rinse them in cold water. The procedures done every day for a month. The athlete's foot must go.
  4. In the summer, the time to get rid of a fungal infection between the toes of the feet will help to absinthe. The broth is prepared from 0.5 kg of the aerial part of the plant, and 3 liters of normal water. The greens simmer for 15 minutes, and insist 30 minutes and strain. Filtered the liquid used to fly off the feet before going to bed.