The best remedies for the nail fungus of the feet

The treatment of onychomycosis – a long and arduous process. Even the best of the folk remedies for the treatment of nail fungus of the feet do not face the disease in its advanced form, but their use is justified on the initial steps of the infection of the infection and in the complex traditional drug treatment.


The principles of national treatment of the

All the folk remedies for the treatment of nail fungus is a cheap, available and relatively safe methods of struggle mycosis. Treatment by revenue of alternative medicine is applied to the house and pursues the same objective as the drug therapy:

  • the elimination of foci of inflammation;
  • the restoration of the circulation and regeneration processes in the tissues;
  • the removal of the ability of the microflora pathogenic to self-reproduce;
  • prevention of reinfection and the recurrence of nail fungus.

Most of the fungicides are designed for local use. If necessary, the treatment system must follow the recommendations of your doctor.

It is important!

Before you begin a course of compulsory treatment verification of hypersensitivity to it. In the composition of some of the funds includes well-known potential allergens.

Folk ways

The treatment of mycosis of the means of the population, in conjunction with the application of pharmacies of drugs against the nail fungus, you can quickly and effectively against fungal infections. Animals of means with the assistance of lieutenants, the ingredients are very many. Among them, there is an option that is appropriate for each particular case.


The kombucha was quite popular remedy in the soviet era. Placed on several days in water with sugar, the kombucha – an antiseptic. This drink was intended for oral administration.

As a remedy against the fungus of the local impact of kombucha is used for cooking compresses and friction. The simplest fungicide remedies kombucha:

  1. A small piece of mushroom should be rinsed off with water, clean the film and the crumble. Received the paste twice a day rub in the yeast infection sites after hygienic treatment of feet.
  2. A part from the body of the fungus soaked in clean water during the day and in the evening, is applied on the nail ill, and wrap around the top of a food film. For compress lasted until the morning, it is recommended to wear a pair of cotton socks. Contaminated the nail in first time, will deliver a painful sensation in case of contact with a compress, but after the third is the discomfort disappears.
fungus toenail vinegar

The vinegar

Remedies against nail fungus with acetic base occupy a prominent place among the home recipes for fungal infections. The methods of application for different types of vinegar in the treatment of fungal infections are very many: from the pedal boards to the ointments. The principle of the effectiveness of these tools lies in the creation of an extreme acidic environment, harmful for most pathogens of fungal infections.

Vinegar bath

Before the procedure, you must rinse the feet, preferably with soap. Treat the infected nail special nail file, remove the affected area of the layer, to the extent possible. In a suitable container with a pour of boiled water, cooled to 50 C. Add the cider vinegar to 3 tablespoons of gasoline per liter of liquid. Feet to keep it in a solution of approximately 15 minutes. Dry rub with a clean towel.

The foot bath is best used as a preparatory step before applying the main antifungal medication after a day of work.


Compresses of vinegar – antifungal effective remedies to successfully combat the first signs of the disease. Known two main ways to prepare:

  1. Soaked in a solution of acetic acid (9%) discs of cotton for the night are applied to the location set glue. At the top it is recommended to wear clean socks.
  2. Cook a small amount of a mixture of vinegar, glycerin and alcohol, taken in equal parts. Wet of the composition of a cotton-disk is placed on the affected area of the nail. After a quarter of an hour lotion you can delete it. The procedure must be repeated every day for a week. A treatment is carried out until the complete healing of 7-day intervals.

The compresses can be combined with other popular drugs and medicinal means.

Compresses of vinegar and ointments

A good home recipe of the antifungal ointment – egg diluted with vinegar. The raw egg is placed in a small container, filled with concentrated acetic essence and insist in a dark place until the dissolution of the hard shell. Loan to the composition extracted from the film, and the ointment use for all days of the application on infected nails. The course of treatment depends on the stage of the disease and continues until healing is complete.

nail fungus of the feet, the copper sulphate

The copper sulphate

Blue crystals of copper sulfate – a poison dangerous, which is widely used in the medicine home. The traditional healers believe that the use of similar chemistry is much safer than treating the nail fungus of pharmaceutical products.

For the local treatment of fungal infections of the nail plate applies the sulphate of copper, in the form of ointment or solution. A concentrated solution can cook, if dilute a teaspoon of crystals in a litre of pure water. Received the concentrate to use for pedal valves, again, dilute it with small portions of the solution in a basin of lukewarm water (2tbsp. l to 3 l of fluid). The duration of the steaming feet in the foot bath should not exceed 15 minutes. At the end of the procedure nails, you must treat an antifungal medication.

For the cooking of the ointment needs to be turned on a teaspoon of sulfate on a cast-iron pan. After that the substance will acquire pale gray color, add the same number of birch tar and a yellow sulphur. In the process of stir and continue to heat up formed a homogeneous mass. Received the ointment every day to treat the sick nails.

It is important!

When using with the driver of copper kuporos it is necessary to follow safety instructions and use the means of individual protection.

The birch tar

Birch tar in the old time have been treated for nail fungus. It is applied on the cornea of the plate in the pure state after a hygienic treatment, and the removal of keratinized fragments. Gently caused by tar leave it on the three days, after which wash it in cold water with soap, and again perform the procedure.

Soap with tar is useful for absorbing shoes and insoles for the prevention of fungal infections. It is used for steppers the bathroom, in the framework of scrubs with the soda, and the salt compresses. Tar ointments home is not less effective in the fight against onychomycosis. For the manufacture of a simple folk remedy need to mix the cream to a baby or a small amount of animal fat with the liquid birch tar. The concentration of the active substance in the process of therapy needs to be increased. In the first time, just 5% of the content of tar, gradually the ratio of the penalty to increase by up to 20%.

On the note!

Mess, composed of glycerin, birch tar and liquor is a member of the how to get rid of the mold. The ingredients are mixed in the glass tank in a ratio of 1:1:1,25. The composition need to treat the nails several times a day, the disease is soon to retire.


There are several options to cure nail fungus folk remedies celandine:

  • The juice of the poisonous plant used in pure form for the treatment affected by the fragments of the nail plate. You can add the fresh juice is as much of the vodka or rubbing alcohol. For best results, the tool is applied several times per day, after the pre-steaming of the feet in a saline solution in petri dishes.
  • Herbs dried to prepare a concentrated infusion, which is added in the foot bath. 100g of product you need steamed in 1 liter of boiling water 15 minutes. For the therapeutic bed of mortar connects with the hot water in a ratio of 1:1. The length of the proceedings does not exceed half an hour.
  • Antifungal activity of the dye is prepared from the herb celandine and vodka (1:2). The duration of maceration – up to two weeks. Use the tool must be extremely careful, from small doses. The composition is applied using a cotton swab, directly on the area of the lesion by a fungus.

Good help to the oil of celandine. You can buy at the pharmacy or do it yourself, by placing a small amount of dried herbs in a glass container, and the bay area of 3-4 cm of any vegetable oil. The composition of a few hours you have to stand up to the heat, after which the week of the leave in a cool place. Ready to the infusion of new to dilute with vegetable oil.

vegetables fund

Vegetables fund

Among the vegetable crops, many plants have anti-fungal and antiseptic. Effective drugs against fungal infections of the nails on the feet in the house, are made from onion, garlic, lemon.

Oil onion is suitable for the daily life of a multiple treatment of the nail plate. Methodology of the preparation of the tool is simple: pour a few tablespoons of powder jẳįšwẳl pods, three tablespoons of the sunflower seed oil and insist in a dark place for 21 days, regularly shaking the mixture.

Alcoolate has the same effect. 0.5 liters of vodka trap 10 tablespoons of powder to the onion, and insist for about two weeks.

The traditional recipes of nail fungus with garlic helps to fight the fungal infection and inflammatory processes in the tissues. A simple tool, in the composition of the garlic juice, alcohol, and boiled water to apply on the affected area of the horn plates three times per day. The optimal ratio of components: 1:1:10. The solution is ready to be stored in the refrigerator during the treatment period.

On the note!

If there is no sign of suppuration, worth a try with compresses of lemon to a pulp. A quarter of a lemon, grate it and make the patient to the nail under the gauze. The feet are pre-steamed in soapy water and dry with a towel.

The essential oils

The traditional methods of treatment of onychomycosis include the application of curative properties of essential oils. Add a few drops in a foot bath, hot, lotions, or compresses. Mildew effective essential oils:

  • ylang-ylang;
  • rosemary;
  • the lavender;
  • the tea tree;
  • orange;
  • cloves;
  • cinnamon.

The tea tree oil, you can use a pure state for the application on the Horny plate and the skin around the nail of the roller.

It is important!

Before you apply an essential oil, it is recommended to conduct a test of hypersensitivity.


Traditional medicines based on propolis actually struggling with manifestations of mycoses of the nails on the feet, preventing the spread of the fungal infection.

On the note!

Propolis is well-softens keratinized fragments of the nail plate, to facilitate the removal. Relieves the inflammation, itching, has anti-bacterial properties and désin.

Propolis has different forms of the release: the alcohol infusion, extract, oil, solid lumps of propolis. In the pharmacies meet more practical in the application of creams and ointments with a fungicidal effect.

The liquid forms of the propolis bees use to pedal valves, lotions, as lotions. Solid of the propolis, you can simply apply the patient's finger or mix it with a fungicide medications the drug for local action.

Regardless of the type of drug, the treatment duration is of the order of 3 months. Propolis is safe for the skin, rarely causes allergic reactions and has no toxic impurities.

soda and salt

The salt and baking soda

The tool of salt and sodium carbonate, is widely known in traditional medicine, and are used as adjuvant therapy in the treatment of nail fungus:

  • Cold bath with baking soda and sea salt are suitable for the prevention of relapse onychomycosis and the restoration of the structure of the nail. The procedure takes only 10 minutes, after which the feet should be carefully washed in hot water.
  • To reduce the itching of the salt interfere with the finely chopped mint. Got a way to wrap up infected by the finger from the top, wrap it with polyethylene and to isolate clean socks. Better to impose the mixture before bedtime and in the morning proceed to a standard of hygiene the treatment of the feet.
  • Concentrated salt solution and wipe the infected nail for 2-3 minutes, balances, rinse in warm water with a little bicarbonate of sodium. The treatment is designed for 10 days.
  • The scrubs of sea salt and baking soda can remove keratinized scales of the skin and nails, repairing the regenerative capacity of the epidermis and strengthening the corneas of the plate.

Soda as an antifungal of the tool is often used in conjunction with the soap for the preparation of pedal valves. The sodium bicarbonate is effective against the pathogenic fungi.

It is important!

The choice of a folk remedy for the treatment of nail fungus should be in compliance with the medical recommendations. Despite the great effectiveness of home recipes for potato late blight in the initial phase of the infection, the disease in its advanced form can not be repaired without the application of pharmacy medicines.

Many positive comments on the treatment of folk remedies to prove the efficiency of the home recipes, but not a guarantee of the full release of the fungal infection without medical intervention.