Effective and inexpensive varnish of nail fungus

Any fungal disease that carries the infectious nature. The fungi most often strike the skin and nail plate. Onychomycosis (nail fungus) better lends itself to early treatment, in fact, when the mycelium penetrates deep into the body, get rid of the disease is not easy. An excellent weapon in the fight against parasites are used as effective and inexpensive anti-fungal varnish.

lacquer against nail fungus

What is antifungal nail Polish

Onychomycosis presents a clinical image, so that each type of fungal infection manifests itself differently. General feature of the pathology are white or yellow spots on the nails of a lodge, that with the time increase, the deformation of the seal, the lamination of the plate. If a bacterial infection is in its advanced form, hit ungo with time completely off. The cause of the disease can become infection by another man, or a decrease of immunity because of unhealthy lifestyles, disease associated.

Quickly get rid of onychomycosis on fingers of hands or feet that will help specially designed liquid antifungal coating. This is the most comfortable and convenient, the medicine for a local treatment, in effect, to the difference of drug with a gel-like or cream structure, it is not scratched on the clothes after drying. Effective and inexpensive varnish of nail fungus can be designated as part of a complex treatment, and self-therapy is a onychomycosis.

At what stage of the disease, are effective

Choose the nail Polish against fungal infection is difficult today, because it is sold in a wide range of products. Before acquiring this medicine, you must know that it is effective. Depending on the development phase of the onychomycosis the doctor prescribes an appropriate treatment. Effective and inexpensive varnish of nail fungus, as monotherapy, are appointed at the first degree of the disease.

Drugs external the action of giving a positive result when the small foyer of the infection, when the fungus is localized on one or more nail plates. If the disease has spread to surrounding tissues or to the affected area in full expansion, the need of the combination therapy (tablets, capsules, ointments, gels, solutions). Effective and inexpensive varnish nail fungus is prescribed by a medical practitioner in the following cases:

  1. The depth of the lesion. Use the varnish optimally when the surface of the house. The deeper layers of the skin liquid is not a tool affects.
  2. The degree of the disease. When nail lodge hit the fungal infection is not more than 1/3 of the part. With spacious homes, a medicinal product do not give a therapeutic effect.
  3. Contraindicated to take the tablets. In this case, justifies the application of the external antibacterial tool.

For prophylactic purposes, also use antifungal nail Polish after complete healing. As a medicinal product acquires a solid structure after drying, it is not washed in water, is not erased, protects the nails from re-infection with the fungal infection. Most of these therapeutic means are permitted to cover the top decorative lacquer means.

how does the nail Polish

The mechanism of action

Therapeutic and prophylactic use of a drug liquid of the structure, so after the application is done even in the imperceptible cracks. This allows you to maximize the impact on the infected by the nail plate, unlike the other local funds. The varnish of the nail fungus is in function of its characteristics:

  • if the composition of a medicinal product is composed of extracts of vegetable oils and alcohol, it has a drying action;
  • liquid form of the components active against the downy mildew of the tool penetrates deep into your nail through small cracks;
  • during the drying of the varnish on the nail plate to completely stop the impact of the air, so that all kinds of fungi continue to evolve, blossom;
  • the ingredients have devastating effects on the membrane of fungal and produced by fungi enzymes;
  • after drying of the cover against the mildew on the nail plate is a thin protective film to prevent the entry of moisture, and other pathogens.


The pharmaceutical industry has all the time develops, seeking to link the ease of use of the drug, and a powerful therapeutic effect. In the fight against onychomycosis the doctors have managed to combine these two elements, that is why the nail against the nail fungus of the feet and hands is now very popular. It is the drug of the advertising everywhere – on radio, on television, in magazines, on the web sites.

The only drawback of this tool – the price is high. If other drugs against the late blight outside of the action (gels, ointments), you can buy from the pharmacy of 50 to 100€, this is the most efficient and inexpensive way of varnish, the nail fungus will cost more expensive. The use of the data of the drugs at the height of its value. Advantages:

  1. The effectiveness. Fluid structure allows the drug to penetrate deeply, completely destroy the pathogens, the fungal spores.
  2. Protection. After drying, the varnish creates an airtight and water-resistant film. When dermatophytes, yeast and other strains of fungi overlaps with the oxygen, of their livelihood stops.
  3. Security. Anti-fungal means of a liquid consistence have a minimum of side effects, so often allowed to use them during the pregnancy, during breast-feeding.
  4. Action extended. Most of the paintings of the funds are 1-2 times per week, so don't worry if it will be ignored in a procedure. The effectiveness of the treatment this will not change.
  5. Versatility. Inexpensive and effective Polish of nail fungus is used for the treatment of onychomycosis and prevention. Many doctors prescribe medication to people who are in the risk group: increased sweating, activity professional and other.
types of nail varnish

How to choose a varnish

The fungal spores – the living micro-organisms, quickly adaptable to environmental conditions and other medications. Choosing an effective and inexpensive varnish of nail fungus, it is necessary to stop on one. If the simultaneous use of several brands, it decreases the therapeutic efficacy of a drug, after which, the parasites formed a resistance to many antifungal active substances.

It should be to choose the medication only after consulting your doctor on the basis of the results of the analyses. The dermatologist will prescribe a treatment depending on the type of fungal infection, advise the brand of the varnish and of the duration of the therapy. When you select the tool, it is necessary to pay attention on the following criteria:

  • buy products from brands that are proven, which has already proved its effectiveness;
  • the concentration of drug must correspond to the neglect of the disease: the longer the infection, the more must be of the medicinal substance in the preparation;
  • during the rapid progression of the fungal infection of the nails, choose the tool with 8% content of the active substance;
  • to facilitate the application, choose the vial therapeutic tool that is sold with a surcharge of devices (disposable, nail, paddle, antiseptic, applicator, alcohol, degreaser, and other);
  • analyze the price, in fact, the varnish of the famous brand will not be sold cheaper 1000 rubles, and the falsification of the purchase and of 700 rubles.

The appointment

Funds of onychomycosis are prescribed to the patient on the first two stages of development of a fungal infection. For the prevention of relapse after healing is also prescribed this medication. As the leading inexpensive medicine and effective Polish of nail fungus use:

nail varnish
  • if the size of the fungal infections is not more than 60% of the value of the surface of the nail;
  • if kept in good health on a single member, at least 2 of the nail;
  • after the surgical removal of the nail, to block the development of the remaining pathogenic bacteria.

The content of active substances

Antifungal, agents are sold in different concentrations of the active substances. For the prevention of onychomycosis it is necessary to choose a drug with low content of main component (5-8%). More of a bacterial infection, the higher the percentage of the active substance must be in a medicinal tool. If onychomycosis is found in the second phase of the disease, when the disease progresses, it is necessary to buy the drugs at a concentration of 10% and more.