The fungus of the skin on the feet that heal

Diseases of the skin stop – pathology is very frequent. Cause disease of bacteria, and it is transmitted from person to person. Often the patient does not know the fungus of the skin on the feet - of address and if you can store it in the home folk remedies. There are many ways to get rid of the signs of yeast infection with the help of medication and old recipes.

mycosis of the feet

What is the fungus of the skin on the feet

An infectious disease affecting the skin, called by the fungus. The most common his view is the fungal infection of the feet. The fungal spores are capable of long time to live in the shoes of both classic and adapt to all the conditions of the habitat. In addition to the infection are exposed to nail platinum legs and feet. The skin lesions a threat to life does not carry, but promotes the development of the cosmetic defects. If the mycosis of the feet is not treated in the initial phase, and then subsequently to him to join other microbes in the form of mold, bacteria, or fungi Candida.

The symptoms of the disease

The treatment of the fungal infection of the skin on the legs should begin immediately the appearance of the first symptoms, or illness lingers for a long time. For the fungus is characteristic of the desquamation of the epidermis. This is due to the fact that the microbe penetrates deep into the layers, by destroying them. On the nail stains are formed (onychomycosis), between the toes of small bubbles appear (intertriginous form), which fill with liquid and burst, the sole is full of blisters. The reproduction of fungi in all layers of the epidermis is accompanied by an unpleasant odor, and the following symptoms:

  • burning sensation, itching, with dryness of the skin;
  • the detachments;
  • the nails darken, thicken, exfoliate;
  • on the sites of the redness develops to erosion.

The treatment of mycosis of the feet

Before you apply a fungicide, you should consult your doctor, in effect, to treat the pathology needs, depending on the type of pathogen and the duration of the disease. In the forms of the mycosis of the feet difficult, lends itself to the therapy. How to get rid of a fungal infection of the feet:

  • the localization of the disease, local therapy early: ointment, creams, solutions, lotions, baths, disinfection of footwear;
  • the systemic therapy in the later phase: the application of drugs.
fungal infections of the feet drugs

The system of medicines are used for multiple schemas:

  1. Classic. The tablets are taken during each day.
  2. Short. End of medication to take before ever having to really back the healthy nail.
  3. Intermittent. A therapy that takes place in several courses at intervals of equal durations during.
  4. The therapy pulse. Taking tablets is combined with small breaks of time greater than the duration of the course.


During the terminal phase of the disease use of anti-fungal. The system of the antifungal agents are chosen individually, because these drugs, there are contra-indications. During the occurrence of the first unpleasant symptoms, you must proceed to scrape the plate of the nail on onychomycosis and consult a dermatologist for a diagnosis and to prescribe medications external and/or internal impact on the body.

An antifungal ointment

A lot of people, the question arises: is the fungus of the skin on the feet – that can be treated, if the infection is found only in the upper layers of the skin. In drugstores today, it is easy to find a variety of antifungal ointment, which differ among themselves by the middle of the action and the composition.


The treatment of mycosis of the feet home creams anti-fungal which ointments differs by substances entering in their composition.


To speed up the healing process, you must complete the base of the therapy to treat the fungus using anti-fungal lacquer. Drugs having similar effects, they are distinguished by the texture. Antifungal lacquer – liquid, and are applied directly on the nail plate of platinum. An easy to use tool penetrates into the cracks, the maximum working on the fungus. It is convenient because the ointments and creams have a consistency, so it is easy to remove the slightest impact.

varnish against mildew

After you have applied the product pathogenic fungus die within 8 hours. Use a therapeutic tool that can be as decorative varnish 1-2 times per week, this does not reduce their effectiveness. The duration of treatment until complete disappearance of onychomycosis.

The bowls

When the athlete's foot the feet a bath with baking soda it is necessary to do it every day, preferably before bedtime. The procedure should not be less than 15 minutes. Baking soda is a substance that affects the livelihoods of the fungal infection, which is why it enters into the composition of many tools used to fungal infection of the feet. For the treatment of the fungus is necessary for the hot water with temperatures Of 40-45 C. Soda diluted in the proportion of 2 tablespoons to 2 litres of water.

Before the procedure, it is necessary to carefully wash the feet from the soap and remove the horny layer of the pumice stone or sandpaper. Also need to treat the nail plate with a free edge of the nail and a maximum in removing nail file a white layer below. After the procedure, the feet carefully need to wipe it off with a towel, and then treat the antifungal medium designated by a dermatologist.

Folk remedies

The most effective is a folk remedy for fungus of the feet is vinegar. It creates an acidic environment that prevents the spread of the yeast bacteria. As a result, the impact on the feet of vinegar at home pathogen quickly loses access to sources of back-up, and dies. Better impose of applications immediately after baths. For this, a cotton wet with a 9% solution of vinegar and is superimposed to the hit by the fungus from the spot on 15 minutes.

Still be an effective folk remedy for the Candida fungus – the application of hydrogen peroxide. First of all, it is recommended to take a bath with a solution of baking soda, after a piece of batting and feed 3% of a peroxide solution and apply on the affected area of the skin of the top by wearing clean socks. Keep the application it takes up to 60 minutes, 2 times/day until healing is complete.


To recognize the problem, it is necessary to know what it's like fungus. For this, it is better to ask in advance of this question, examining the picture on-line. Then, you must listen to the advice of dermatologists, which is necessary to do in order not to be infected by a fungus feet:

fungus on the legs of the prevention
  • after the visit to the beach, the swimming pool and other public places it is necessary to carefully wash the feet;
  • when the sweating of the feet develops the risk of getting mold fungi, which is why you need to give up wearing socks and the shoe in the closed position;
  • not to catch the microflora pathogenic, it is not necessary to give to other hygiene products, clothing, or shoes;
  • it should be to maintain the fingers of the feet: a pedicure, cut off the nail regrowth.