Fungus toe nails, fungus, foot photo. That to treat it at home.

Nail fungus of the feet and fungus of the feet — very frequent disease. They meet every fifth of our planet. Mushrooms are very hardy, get rid of them is very difficult, is processed to have time. If the fungus of the nail, this treaty will be necessary until a completely is never really returned to that a new healthy nail (with the year). If the fungus on the skin of the feet, the treatment is needed of a month and more.

nail fungus of the feet

Nail fungus — this is not ugly and is not aesthetic. At a later stage fungus affects the immune system. In the blood fall the toxins that appear in the process of life pathogenic fungi. This is why we should not tolerate them, to hide, to suffer. It is necessary to treat. Than before to identify the disease, faster and easier to get rid of it.

The causes of the nail fungus and stop

There are factors and causes in which the sick by a fungus, the risk increases. You're more of a "pick up" the fungus, if feet, fingers, injuries, corns, sores. These may be due to the narrow, uncomfortable of the shoe. Also, you can hurt you during the pedicure at home and in the living room.

Low immune system can also be the cause of the infection by the fungus of the nail.

Under conditions of poor personal hygiene easy to get a "surprise". For example, often the guys in the army of the sick by the fungus. Wash the feet every day, change socks every day. If the feet sweat a lot, it is necessary to use special means from sweat.

The frequent use of antibiotics can lead to infection by the fungus.

The fungi that affect the feet, can be different. To know what is the fungus that has hit it is you, You need to hand over the analysis on crop planting. When the mushrooms to germinate in the laboratory checks to see what drugs are capable of killing them. In this case, the treatment will be effective, because You will be an impact on the fungus with the right medicine.

Very often, many are treated independently, allowing you to select the drug of the advertisement or reading the reviews online. In fact one and the same medicine can cure one and the other do not bring any result, because the different fungi. From this and you are having an online debate on the effectiveness of different antifungal medications.

Nail fungus and stop: methods of infection

The more often infected by the fungus of the sick person. In a third of cases, the infection occurs with a close relative with whom You live. The sharing of the house slippers, nail scissors, sponges, and other objects very strongly increases the risk of infection.

Also easy to "fall" on the spores of fungi in public places: in the pool, on the beach, in the steam bath and a sauna. In case of high humidity, the probability of infection is much increased. In particular, if on the feet there are wounds, even small ones. Mildew spores are very hardy, they can persist for several months in the sand.

In general, the risks are all places where You walk barefoot. As well as the minister of the shoes. Even if the people whose shoes You have put, is not sick by a fungus, it can be a carrier of the flora of the pathogen.

The first manifestation of mycosis of the feet can start as scaling. Then take a closer look at his feet, in time to take the necessary measures.

the signs of a fungal infection of the feet

The signs and symptoms of the disease

There are three stages of the disease by the fungus. The first phase of nail fungus, you may not notice. Appear small spots or stripes of slightly yellowish. The thickness of the nail remains the same. A lot of people, see what kind of a "safe" spot, not even paying attention to him. But if at this stage, to take the treatment, you can quickly get rid of the intruder. And not only fast, but also cheap, so that the treatment of the mycosis expensive "pleasure".

In a second phase, small stain begins to increase in size. This occurs slowly and gradually. Change the color of the stains, it is white or yellow, him-even the nail thickens, becoming pasty. You can get rid of the mold, at this stage, if You successfully choose the medicines or remedies that will be disastrous for Your pathogens.

A greater likelihood of cure ways, if the nail is surprised to 1/3, not more.

The third phase of the fungus covers the whole nail. The color of the victim of the nail becomes yellow or grey, structure in the bulk, with the hollow. The fungus is used very well, not only on the nail, but under him. Get rid of a yeast infection at this stage, it is more complex, it will take a lot of time and money. At this stage, make sure you take the tablets and means. Among the ointments, and the nail Polish is not down.

If You have a doubt, a fungus if You have nail, you can pass this test. Take manganese, dissolve in the water. This solution hold suspected in the disease of the nail for a few minutes. Then the result. Nails become brown after this procedure. Fungal stain will remain an elder of the color.

The symptoms of athlete's foot

The first sign of a fungal infection of the foot skin flaking and dryness. This can join to itching and redness. But first, very often, it all starts with the peeling between the toes.

When the fungus of the foot appears an unpleasant odor when sweating (worse than usual). In some cases, may appear bubbles, which are constantly itching, also the horns.

If Your feet are products of changes in the form of cracking, itching, dryness, it's time to start the treatment. In the early stages, you can manage gels and ointments.

Soon the fungus reaches the nail, when it is best to consult a doctor.

The fungus can be complicated by eczema or psoriasis, which involves an obligation of the presence of a dermatologist.

fungus of toenails treatment

The treatment of nail fungus of the feet

In the case, when not hit more than 2 nails, and the nail of the thumb hit by the fungus is not more than 1/3, you can enjoy a variety of local media.

Before you apply an external tool, you have the nail clean, erase all the relaxation of the nail is become end. Thus, the tool will be better. During this caution handle with a pair of scissors, not to injure. In the case of injury, the fungus can settle in even more deeply.

In the case of execution, it is already necessary to take the tablets with varnish or ointments.

Tablets countless, even better not to choose any of these medicines. First of all, You may not be suitable for campsites of the pill. Secondly, all of the tablets of fungus is very toxic, they are very damage to the liver, the kidneys. No need uncontrollable medications. In parallel there is still a need to drink something to support the liver. It should also be read carefully, with which drugs can be combined, selected by the physician tablet (doctor may not pay attention to this). And look at the contra-indications designated tablets.

The treatment is carried out up to this that is never really back the healthy nail.

Fungal infection of toenails: folk remedies for the treatment.

I'm going to write a few effective popular ways to treat the nail fungus. These ways of home treatment to be effective in the initial phases of the disease. Remember that the treaties are in need of a long, 2 weeks to several months.

The treatment of the fungal infection of the iodine.

The easiest and very popular. Need clean, dry nail salve with iodine (using the fleecy of the wand) twice a day. Healthy neighbors the nails also need to get dirty for the prevention of three times per week. A week may feel a slight burning sensation in the patients nail. On the way a lot of positive feedback. The only drawback — the yellow is the color of the nails all the time.

The treatment of the kombucha mushroom.

Prior to the application of this tool, the skin around the nail ill need to apply a nourishing cream or acid ointment. Then on the nail put a piece of curd kombucha, roll it up in cellophane on the package and black. From top to wear socks. Leave overnight, in the morning of cut thickness of a fingernail. When using this method are people in pain severe enough.

Tar soap for the treatment of yeast infection.

The procedure spend before going to bed. A patient with a fingernail soap soap, top with a sprinkle of salt and wrap. Repeat these steps in the course of the week.

A method of treatment of the yeast infection of the vinegar and the glycerin.

The micro-organisms die in an acidic environment. The vinegar is considered very effective in the fight against the nail fungus. It is important not to simply take the vinegar and the acetic acid of 70%. Mix it with glycerin in equal proportions. This mixture to lubricate the dead nails twice a day. Give the mixture to dry completely. The treatment is carried out in three weeks.

nail fungus foot bath tubs

In in it a mylno-soda bath.

This is not the curative method. But help to soften the nails, clean solid layers, which prevent the drug to penetrate more deeply. So I recommend you make such blinders on before you apply it on the nail, ointment or paint. In a bowl, pour the hot water. It is hot to be properly steamed the nails. In this water, dissolve three tablespoons of baking soda (to 7 litres of water) and grate the tar or the soap of marseille (also about 3 tablespoons). The soap to properly dissolve in the water. In this solution, the steam, the feet, cutting of nails. On dry feet, apply the medication. Go to such a bath 2 times per week.

I want to say that the traditional methods are not recognized by official medicine.

And one more note. During the processing of his / her shoes need to treat antifungal spray or vinegar inside. Also treat a bath of antimicrobial means at least once per week.