Fungus between the fingers: photos, signs, treatment

Fungus is an unpleasant infectious skin disease that develops only under certain conditions. It is usually hot, dark and humid, which are ideal conditions for the fungus to develop. The disease is transmitted through direct contact, as well as through shoes. According to statistics, the fungus affects every fifth inhabitant of the earth. It is quite difficult to get rid of it, as it has a unique vitality. Also, the fungus between the toes can periodically return if a person has severe problems with the immune system or vitamin deficiency.

First signs of fungus between the toes

Hint!Before starting to treat the fungus between the toes, get rid of all the old socks and shoes that you have been wearing barefoot. During the treatment period, it is recommended to boil the socks or throw them away after use to avoid recurrence of the fungal infection. The shoes are cleaned every night with alcohol and placed under the battery. At home you walk only in slippers with bare feet and in no case should you avoid "sweetness" and "sweating", as the mushroom is very fond of humidity and heat.

At first, the fungus between the toes manifests itself through itching. In some cases, it is preceded by a slight localized redness between the toes. Later, blisters or superficial ones form, but more cracks form on the skin. In the manifestation of the fungus, a strong burning sensation is felt. Sometimes the general symptoms are complemented by slight peeling, excessive sweating of the feet, uneven nails, and thickening of the skin on the soles of the feet. In the presence of such symptoms, it can be argued that the disease develops in an acute form.

Photo of mushrooms between the toes

photo of the main manifestations of the fungus on the legs

Depending on the affected area of the foot and the stage of development, different forms of fungal infection are distinguished. The symptoms of each are different. Only a specialist can determine the specific type of pathogen. It is impossible to do this at home.

How to treat fungus between the fingers?

If a fungal infection is detected, the first step is to get rid of all towels, washcloths and slippers. Get rid of the shoe insoles and thoroughly disinfect them with a special tool (you can buy it without a prescription at any pharmacy, it is sold as an aerosol). Only then can you start treatment. It usually consists of various ointments based on tolnaftate and miconazole. However, they can be used for no more than two weeks so that there is no addiction. If a positive result cannot be obtained, the ointment is changed and the treatment continues.

Important!There have been cases where the attending physician has prescribed antibiotics against the fungus between the toes. So remember that any antibiotic is allied with a fungal infection and is prescribed only in the most extreme cases, since there is a high risk of the formation of mutant fungi, which will be almost impossible to remove!

Various tablets are used as an additional treatment. A special agent is purchased at the pharmacy, a tampon is moistened and applied for half an hour to the places of localization of the fungus. It is possible to defeat the fungus between the toes, the treatment of which will be long and difficult, but you need to be patient. In case of nail deformation, you also need to drink pills. The result of treatment depends on the correctness of their selection, therefore, preference should be given to proven drugs.

Salt baths have received good reviews in the treatment of fungus between the toes, which are recommended every evening for 1-2 weeks. The duration of the process usually does not exceed 20-30 minutes. After a salt bath, it is recommended to dry the feet and lubricate them with an antifungal agent prescribed by the doctor.

Is it possible to cure the fungus between the toes with folk remedies?

The fungus between the toes is a very insidious sore, which you cannot get rid of in a few days, not only with folk remedies, but also with drugs. But there are times when people resort to traditional medicine does not give a good life, therefore, in addition, we will provide several effective and harmless recipes from "grandmother's" repetitions.

Salicylic acid is an excellent and inexpensive method that has proven itself in fighting the initial stage of the fungus between the toes. With it, you can take both therapeutic baths and compresses at night. Just pay attention to the dosage and regularity of use, as you could severely burn your feet. Ideally, the procedures look like this: 1% salicylic acid is added to warm water to stretch the legs. The duration of treatment can range from several weeks to a month, depending on the severity of the infection. Make sure you take a break 1-2 days a week. Salicylic acid can also be used to treat shoes, socks and add to the water used to wash floors.

No less effective in the early stages of the disease is 70% vinegar, which is used to lubricate the entire leg and shoes. The duration of the procedure should not exceed one minute to avoid burns. After that, the feet are thoroughly washed with laundry soap and dried. In no case use this method if you have open wounds on the leg or the degree of damage has passed to the stage of development (blisters, cracks).

Well, a very popular method of treating fungus between the toes is alcohol, which is used to clean the affected skin areas until they are completely exfoliated. The procedure is painful, but it has proven itself from the best side. According to patient reviews, alcohol-based compresses and baths help get rid of the infection in 2-3 weeks.