The nail fungus on the big toe

Hello, dear readers. About this illness, such as onychomycosis, definitely heard it all. Every day, we see advertising antifungals funds that promise to cope with the illness a minimum of time. But completely cure nail fungus of the feet is not so simple as it might seem at first glance. Pass the defeat of the nail plate, whose recovery will take a lot of time. Of course, onychomycosis does not apply to the category of dangerous diseases, but execute it so not worth it. This can lead not only to a loss of the aesthetic appearance of the nail, but also at a total loss.

the nail fungus thumb

Better not put her nails in this state, and as soon as the first symptoms of the disease begin treatment. No man is immune to infection by the fungus, that is why each of us must know the proper way to treat the nail fungus on the big toe – treatment at home.

Why nail fungus – the causes of the

There are a large number of diseases that we can catch at any time. Someone falls ill immediately after contact with a sick person, but someone "does not" even the flu in the middle of the epidemic.

As you know, here everything depends on the level of immunity of the man. Its reduction makes the body vulnerable to numerous infectious diseases, among which and of onychomycosis.

The causes of the infection by the fungus of the nails can be:

  • non-observance of rules of hygiene, care of the feet. A lot focus in particular on the hygiene of hands, even if the feet need the same care. You must always make the articles of the procedure, after the extended wear of the shoes. In addition, it is necessary to avoid probing the feet of someone else shoes, or other things. Take a shower (in the gym, for example) is only needed in the rubber sneakers;
  • mechanical damage of the nail or tissue of the finger. The presence of an open wound in the area of the finger only to accelerate the process of development of the fungus. Therefore, in the case of tissue injury, you should immediately treat the wound with an antiseptic;
  • increased sweating of the feet. If, regardless of the time of year you sweat a lot of feet, it is necessary to pay particular attention to hygiene. The fungus multiplies in peace it is in a damp environment, which is why the shoes also need special care;
  • uncomfortable or poor quality footwear. It is very important wear shoes that are made from "breathable". To ensure that your feet are not heavily sweating, in need of an air circulation constant. This is especially important during the cold season, when we wear closed shoes.

If you are constantly maintain a level of immunity, the points can also be the cause of the nail fungus on the big toe. The slightest weakening of the immune system will pave the way for the development of the disease.

Our immunity depends on many factors, and some of them do not depend on us. It is therefore preferable to respect the rules of hygiene, nail care and skin of the feet, so that it does not become the cause of the development of the fungus.

Types of nail fungus on the big toe

For the treatment to be effective, you must choose the right medicine. It can be done only in the setting of a correct diagnosis. This is why it is so important to know the characteristics of each species of fungus.

the yeast fungus

The yeast fungus

This form is considered to be one of the most common. Characterized by an important decrease of the thickness of the nail plate, which gradually led to his separation from the lodge.

We also observe a change in color of the nail, which takes on a yellow hue. In particular, the case of the nail is painted in brown, that lead to a total loss.

One such form is affected not only the nail, but still his roll. In the structure of the skin is an inflammatory process that is characterized by redness and swelling.


The nail plate affected gradually, and is characterized by the appearance of vertical the yellow stains on it. Begins with the defeat of the habit of the upper corner of the nail, with which it occurs gradual discharge of the plate of finger.

Neglecting the symptoms, the fungus spreads around the nail, which will eventually lead to its total loss.

Musty mushroom

This form is the easiest to treat, as well as the fungus does not penetrate deeply into your nail. It is a defeat only the upper layers of the plate, which is characterized by a change in color.

The color depends on the stage of the disease. Thus, it can vary from green and black. In addition, the surface of the nail can appear of dark spots and dots.

With time, the nail fungus can go and the skin, which will create even more problems. Therefore, it is preferable to conduct a treatment of the fungal infection before it passes to other tissues.

If you have noticed that in the structure of your nails there are changes (beam-plate, the appearance of spots), you should definitely consult a dermatologist.

By defining a type of fungus, the doctor may prescribe a appropriate treatment, which will bring the desired result. You chose to you the drug may not bring any result, simply because it does not suit you.

The nail fungus on the big toe. An effective treatment at home

A lot of people are turning to traditional medicine, and because its means are more safe, rather than pharmaceutical preparations. In addition, the price of remedies is almost always below levels of many drugs.

But it should be noted that this type of treatment will only be effective in the early stages of the fungus.

Bath with iodine

Hot water bath for the feet that is conducive to steam cooking is not only the skin, but also affected by the fungus of the nail plate. The iodine is the same in this case, acts with antiseptic, which penetrates into the structure of the nail.

After you have performed this procedure will be much easier to remove the affected area of the nail. After this, it is important to treat the finger of antibacterial ointment and impose special lotion.

treatment of the fungal infection soap

The soap of marseille

You can as an additional way to use the soap. Soap chips dissolve in the hot water. Take a bath 20 minutes.

Wet, soft nails maximum are cleaned. Cut the part of the nail, which was struck by a fungus.

Bath with the addition of vinegar

Two litres of water, it would take a liter of vinegar solution. You need to put the feet in a basin of about fifteen minutes.

The procedure is performed only once per day, and it is recommended to know prior to going to bed. The vinegar is struggling with the fungus, while hot water increases the steam-cooking of the nails and skin.


As we know, lemon juice has an antiseptic effect, which can help us to get rid of the mold.

We need a piece of lemon, that you must attach to the affected place. Set the pod with glue and the film support.

Before starting the procedure, it is important to steam the feet, who had held their hot dish. Spend his preference on the night to the next morning, it was possible to remove softened site of the nail.


The fresh juice of the plant should be applied on the affected area of the nail every two hours during the day. The course of treatment is two weeks.

Aspen bark

Solution for bath preparation on the basis of a dry bark of aspen. For cooking, it would take about 100 g of raw materials, which must be boiled in half a litre of water.

The feet need to keep them in a solution of approximately 15 minutes, after which the nail is covered with a paste made soap and soda.

Sea salt

In a liter of boiled water, you need to completely dissolve a tablespoon of salt. The procedure is recommended to learn on the night, for the moment, it is the fabric has had time to recover.


In this case, we need to do is peel the potatoes. Cleaning boil in the water until the cooking is complete, after which soften. The broth obtained at the time in us will serve as the basis for the bath. At the expiration of the time applied on the damaged portion of a dough baked in the skin.

The traditional medicine involves the use of natural means, but this does not mean that they do not have side effects. Certain foods can cause allergic reactions, therefore, before starting treatment, it is best to consult a doctor.

What are the pharmacy chains money when the fungus from the nail, you can apply

Medication of the tool that is selected depending on the type and stage of the fungus. The most frequently used the local tools, but in particular cases may be given oral medication.

There are three main pharmaceutical forms of the means by which you can cure nail fungus on the big toe.

therapeutic varnishes

Therapeutic varnishes

One such tool is logical to use only in the early stages of the disease, when the nail has not yet started to separate from the finger. The varnish is applied on the damaged nail with a thin layer. The components contained in the varnish, softens the structure of the nail plate, as well as decontaminate.

The main feature of a tool such that it is in service. This greatly speeds up the healing process.

Sprays, ointments and creams

If the varnish is applied only on the nail plate, these tools can be used in the case of the propagation of soft-tissue infections. In the framework of such means, what are the components that reduce the action of other components. This will protect your nails and skin from possible damage. Before using one of the ways it is recommended to perform a procedure of purification of the feet of dirt and Horny skin.

Oral medications

In the most difficult cases, the local treatment is powerless. The fungus can spread to the internal organs, which can lead to serious consequences.

The application of all the following drugs may be possible only in the case where they have been appointed by the doctor. This applies in particular to the funds because they relate to drug action strong.

Onychomycosis seems harmless disease, who may not be paying attention to. But in itself, it is not disappearing, that is why, sooner or later, its treatment should do so.