Instructions for use Nomidol

Use Nomidol simply thank you for the detailed instructions on the application. The procedure will not pose difficulties. The application of the cream is very simple. The full course of treatment is 4 weeks. During this time, happens the neutralization of the complete fungus. The tool should be applied on the damaged area of the skin two times per day — morning and evening. The cream is rubbed gentle massage.

Instructions for the cream Nomidol

Before applying the medicine, you must pass the hygiene of the procedure. Well cooked, steam the feet in the footbath at the base of plants, for example, chamomile, and calendula. Then, you need to carefully dry the feet with a towel and apply the cream, rub it into the skin until complete absorption. The drug is not felt on the skin, does not spoil the clothes and bed linen.

The symptoms disappear after a week of use of the drug. Provided with Nomidol the statement also contains information that it is desirable to proceed at the full rate, even if the symptoms of the disease have disappeared after a week. Under the nails can keep the mold spores, which can cause reinfection.


Nomidol effective to combat all the manifestations of the fungal infection. The disease is accompanied by these manifestations:

  • the dryness of the skin;
  • peeling;
  • itching and burning;
  • increased sweating;
  • the thickening of the nail plate;
  • the appearance of sores and cracks;
  • the yellowing and the beam of the nail;
  • the appearance of the bad smell.

What are the main symptoms, the occurrence of which should prompt the visit to the doctor. Without treatment, symptoms will increase, which will eventually lead to the loss of the nail, deep cracks and ulcers. The reason for fungal defeat pathogen. Medicinal drugs Nomidol not only eliminates the unpleasant symptoms, but has an impact on the fungus.


In the composition of this product Nomidol includes only natural ingredients. The formula has been specifically designed for the tool adapted to all patients in Portugal. A contra-indication to the use of a drug may be a personal intolerance to a component used in the composition Nomidol.

During pregnancy and lactation the possibility of the use of the drug should be discussed with your doctor. When the manifestation of the allergy application Nomidol it is necessary to stop.