The experience of using Nomidol

This story shared with us Jessica London. It will tell about the experience of the use of a drug Nomidol and the results of the treatment.

My experience of the use of the ointment Nomidol you can call it very successful. But let's start from the beginning.

It is difficult to say where I am able to be infected by the fungus. Probably, this took place in the swimming pool I visit twice a week. I take security measures and go to the pool in slippers and rubber. But do not exclude that could forget about the shoes and walk barefoot on the tile. In the end, has no value, exactly where I met with the infection. The most unpleasant was waiting for me further.

The first thing I noticed — the sweating of the feet. Even heavily scratched feet, but I did not immediately realized that it is so consistent. And a few days later, I started to turn yellow the nail on the big toe. I realized that I had a fungus. Naturally, I immediately abandoned swimming in a pool, and a change of open-toed sandals on shoes, even though at the time in the street was a strong heat. I immediately asked the doctor. He gave me an ointment. Appearing me the medicine I used throughout the week, but no results to change the appearance of the judgment I haven't watched. The itching and peeling have not been.

Then I started to self-treatment, began to seek information on the anti-fungal medicines, has studied the experience of other sufferers of this disease. I chose the cream Nomidol. It is sold online without a doctor's prescription, and I decided to order a drug. So much more that has cost the drug is quite cheap, I bought Nomidol on the price . The use of a drug causes no difficulty: it is enough to apply the cream on clean skin, in a place of the defeat of the fungal infection.

The experience of the use of the cream Nomidol London

The cream I liked: nice, non-greasy, good smell. After the first use I felt a relief. Past unbearable itching and excessive sweating. These symptoms of the fungal disease, ceased to torment me. Then, I saw that the yellow of the nail gradually becomes a normal color. And after a month of use Nomidol I was able to put open shoes, to return to a normal life, and finally start my favorite activities in the pool.

In the future, I will be more attentive to the swimming pool. More do not let me walk without shoes and I go regularly for fungal prevention using the cream Nomidol. In respect of the fund, in my situation, it is shown very well. I can say with confidence. It is effective anti-fungal tool. With a clear conscience recommend Nomidol all those who have met with the fungus.